Wikileaks: Special Counsel Mueller Russian Connection

Image Source: Feb. 2, 2012: FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. (AP)
Image Source: Feb. 2, 2012: FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. (AP)

Special Counsel Robert Mueller in charge of investigating (among other things) Trump Administration connections and collusion with Russian has come under fire for not declaring his own connections.

According to the latest Wikileaks’ post, Robert Mueller, then FBI Director, hand delivered 10 grams of Highly Enriched Uranium in September 2009. It was to be delivered to Russian Officials within the government and a full paper trail and Chain of Custody was in place. This calls into question whether Special Counsel Mueller is the right person (free of personal ties) to head up the investigation.

Sources say that Mueller’s investigation has such a broad scope that he is currently looking into the sale of properties to Russian citizens almost 10 years ago. Although there seems to be little in the way of more recent “evidence” to make a Russian connection. But if older connections are to be taken into account, wouldn’t Mueller’s own contact over a similar time period be called into question?

If it was, in fact, part of Robert Mueller’s operational brief to transport and hand over nuclear material to a foreign government, that would require high-up contacts within that government. In this case, that would be the FSB (formerly KGB) in Russia. As FBI Director, Mueller had access to all manner of foreign connections and intelligence as well. Disclaimer: The Wikileaks assertion has not yet been verified. However, while Wikileaks methods have been called into question, the validity of the information they have released has not been.

Mueller’s own “Russian Connections” could call into question the veracity of any potential conclusions. Are the Special Counsel’s own Russian contacts being used in the investigation? If not, then why not? Information from such high level Russian sources should be able to confirm or deny any “collusion” allegations. But, would information from such sources be credible? Whether it is effecting the investigation or not, these revelations call into question Special Counsel Mueller’s objectivity in this matter.

Since President Trump’s inauguration, several high-ranking people have either stepped down from their roles or recused themselves from specific investigations due to “conflicts of interest” or “past histories”, and rightly so. These removals and recusals were for far more tenuous connections than the implied connections of Mueller. Should we expect the same from the person involved in actually investigating “Russian Collusion”?

There are wider issues at stake here. Why was the US government (under the Obama Administration) passing samples of Highly Enriched Uranium to the Russian Government? If it was for scientific purposes, why were the usual channels of movement not employed (as in why would the Director of the FBI need to do this personally)? These questions not likely be answered while Robert Mueller is involved in the Government’s largest investigation. However, the questions themselves could possibly undermine the very results of that investigation.

This is a breaking news story. More to come as the information develops.

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