Who Runs America?

Deep State Central. Image source: SOFREP

Victor David Hanson at National Review and Michael Walsh at PJ Media have written excellent pieces discussing the cold civil war currently being waged between the Trump administration and the “Deep State.”

The Deep State is a newly popular term used to describe entrenched, unelected and unaccountable members of the bureaucracy who still manage to wield great power and influence.

Civil rights minded folk from both the left and the right are justly repelled by the notion of people no one elected or can un-elect having such broad powers. Powers which are often used in underhanded sen sinister ways to achieve a desired political result.

In this case, the Deep State individuals are members of the intelligence community, many of them alleged to be holdovers from the Obama Administration, who are deliberately leaking information embarrassing to the Trump administration in order to hobble or even topple it.

It was Deep State sources who released information on National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s phone calls which revealed he hadn’t been entirely honest with the Trump Administration about the content of a discussion he had with the Russian ambassador.  While Flynn has not been accused of doing anything illegal, the recording and leaking of his phone call may have been, a leak which revealed enough to force his resignation.

Bill Kristol: cheerleader for the Deep State. Image source: Commonwealth Club

Liberals in and out of the media as well as hardcore “Never-Trumpers” from the right cheered.

As well-known a figure as William Kristol, a man who claims to support civil liberties,  took the side of the Deep State over the Trump Administration, apparently believing that embracing un-constitutional, un-accountable and possibly illegal means were okay as long as it led to a desired end.

What Kristol doesn’t understand is that while this road may lead to a desired outcome, the toppling of a president he doesn’t like, once Trump is gone there is nothing to stop them from toppling a future president he might fully support. The Deep State is currently flexing its power in a most alarming way, and Kristol’s goal of destroying Trump by any means necessary puts America on the road to tyranny.

Meanwhile, the Trump Administration is also fighting another unelected, unaccountable force in government, which is the judiciary,  specifically Judge James L. Robard and three members of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals who took the extraordinary step of issuing a halt to a lawful executive order. They did so without ever once referencing the relevant statute, which clearly and without dispute gives the President the power to issue such an order.

So the question: who runs America? Is it the elected government consisting of the President, Senate and the House of Representatives? Is it the Judiciary? Or is it a shadowy group of unelected, utterly unaccountable government employees using possibly illegal techniques to get their way?

Yep. Trick question. Because the answer is: none of the above.

Imagine you were to turn off your computer, tablet or phone and have a look at the reflection in the darkened screen. That face you’d be looking at is who runs America.

You run America. I run America. We the people run America. The President, Congress, the Judiciary, and the members of the Deep State, every single one of them works for us. They are our employees and we are their bosses.

And it’s about time we acted like it.

But what can we do? What practical steps can we take?

The answer again is in the device you’re reading this on. If it’s a smartphone, then dial this number: 202-456-1111. It’s the comments line for the White House.

Or, if a call isn’t your thing, here’s a link to an email form to contact the President.

If you’d like the reach the Director of National Intelligence and very politely (if you get my drift) suggest he do something about these leaks, here’s a link to his 
contact page.

Representatives and Senators are also fair game and their contact info is available online. Why not put their number on speed-dial and fob a call in once a day?

What to tell them? 

Tell the President you know what’s going on and support him. If you also want to add that maybe he should be a little more careful when he speaks in public so the leftist media doesn’t have such an easy time skewering him, fine.

Maybe let our friends in Congress know that if they don’t support the administration in this cold war with the Deep State and get busy passing the agenda they promised us, then our votes and our money are going somewhere else in 2018.

Let the President and your reps in Congress know that maybe a congressional-level investigation into these extra-ordinary leaks is warranted. 

Let’s turn the heat up on the Deep State and see how they like it.

Maybe suggest to the Trump administration an idea out of Victor David Hanson’s piece, that as soon as the cabinet is in position, they fire every single person who can be legally terminated from every government agency possible and start fresh. Once people start getting pink slips over at Langley, see if their covert war on the Executive Branch doesn’t slack off a bit.

Whatever you write, just letting your employees, whether they be in the White House, the House or Senate or the Intelligence Community know that we understand what’s going on and don’t like it is going to help.

It’s a cliche, but government does listen to the voters if they speak loudly enough. It’s why the NRA and gun-owners win so many political battles, because we roll up our sleeves, make the calls, write the letters and send the emails. It’s how the proposed ban on M855 was overturned. It’s how we shut down efforts at amnesty during the waning days of the Bush administration.

And now it’s how we help hobble the Deep State and media in their quest to upend the results of the election.

This is our country. We built it. We pay the taxes to run it. And we elect the temporary employees who manage it for us.

Time to let them know what the boss is thinking.

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