Texas Governor Under Fire To Add Constitutional Carry To Special Session Call

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Republican Party of Texas is making a last minute move to pressure Governor Greg Abbott to include Constitutional Carry in the Special Session call. Today in Austin Texas, the RPT is hosting citizens and advocates to speak out in support of Constitutional Carry and call on the Governor to add it to the special session agenda.

Constitutional Carry has been in our Party’s platform for years and has been the number one priority in our platform for two convention cycles. If you believe in Constitutional Carry, please make plans to join the Republican Party of Texas this Saturday, July 15th.

Join us for a training session on constitutional carry advocacy as well as an opportunity to discuss ways it can still be achieved.
9:30am – RPT headquarters open
10:00 – Training from Crosswind PR (effective constitutional carry activism; keys for media interaction)
11:00 – Opportunity to testify on our livestream regarding constitutional carry
Continued opportunity to testify on livestream
12:30pm – Constitutional Carry Talking Points
Continued opportunity to testify on livestream
1:30pm – end
Come and go as you are able!

Read King
Strategic Partnership Director
Republican Party of Texas

The Texas Legislature only convenes every two years and is only in session for a few months, typically Jan. to May. The 85th Legislative session has ended, but several important issues were left unresolved. Despite Republicans having solid majorities in the House and Senate with a Republican Lt. Governor and Governor several Republican policies suffered a failure to launch.

Constitutional Carry was added to the state party platform as the number one legislative priority prior to the previous legislative session, the 84th Legislature, back in 2014/2015. The 84th Legislature did pass licensed open carry and campus carry, but never even had public hearings on a Constitutional Carry bill.

The 85th Legislature, earlier this year, did finally have open hearings on two competing bills, HB375 and HB1911. The two bills made it as far as being modified to incorporate the best of both bills and had a huge turn out for public hearings. Nevertheless, Constitutional Carry once again died on the vine in Texas.

Now Texans are faced with two choices; pressure the Governor to include it in the special session or wait another two years to get another shot. The Republican Party of Texas and gun rights advocates have not been satisfied with the incremental approach the legislature has taken thus far. The special session presents an opportunity to fulfill the state party legislative priority once and for all.

Several new pro gun rights freshmen Republicans were elected into the 85th Legislature. Republicans like Senator Konni Burton who won in District 10, formerly occupied by the Democrat candidate for Governor, Wendy Davis. If the push to get Constitutional Carry added to the special session call fails, there will be political fallout. Constitutional Carry has been gaining momentum in Texas and across the country.

For more information go to https://www.texasgop.org/stat


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2 Comments on "Texas Governor Under Fire To Add Constitutional Carry To Special Session Call"

  1. Avatar William D Southworth | July 15, 2017 at 10:45 am | Reply

    Thought we already had an open carry law in the 2nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution?

    • We did up until people started voluntarily making themselves slaves to the government. Those who resisted government dependence now seem to be completely fine with having their RIGHTS converted into government privileges. As if passing a background check or getting a carry license somehow makes them better than the common riff-raff. So, you are either a ward of the state, buying your rights back as privileges or an outlaw. Freedom, unalienable rights and personal responsibility no longer seem to be a part of the equation.

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