Terror In Sweden: Police Station Firebombed

Police forensics work outside the police after firebombing in Sweden. Image Source: Metro UK
Police forensics work outside the police after firebombing in Sweden. Image Source: Metro UK

A powerful explosion demolished the front of a police station in Helsingborg, Sweden on Wednesday, in what officials have described as “an attack against society”.

An estimated kilogram of explosives blew apart the front entrance to the local police station as well as shattering windows in buildings across the street. Fortunately, as the attack took place late at night, no injuries were reported.

The city of Helsingborg is Sweden’s third largest city. Located on the coast around 30 miles north of Malmo — which was recently labeled “the rape capital of Europe” by Nigel Farage — it is the country’s closest point to Denmark.

Top police official Dan Eliasson said that the incident was “an attack against society.” “This is very serious,” he said. “An attack on the police is not just an attack on society but on the safety of all people. We are now coming from the national level to give our colleagues in the South Region all the help needed to protect our employees.”

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven called the event “an attack on democracy”, claiming “Violence against police must never be accepted”. He also said the fight against serious crime in Sweden must be intensified through stricter laws, better tools, and increased resources to the police.

Helsingborg police have not yet disclosed what caused the explosion at the police station. Detectives are currently examining security camera recordings from the surrounding area, although details of the perpetrator and his/her motive are unlikely to ever be released to the public.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack and no one has been arrested. Police say the investigation into the firebombing of its main station is not being treated as terrorism. However, according to Swedish newspaper, Expressen, terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp said the incident could well be a terror attack.

Earlier in the week, downtown Norrköping — around 100 miles from the Swedish capital of Stockholm — was placed on lockdown after a suspected bomb was identified under a car. This appears to be related to turf wars between rival migrant gangs, which can be seen throughout major cities in the self-proclaimed humanitarian superpower.

Sweden has suffered a wave of attempted bombings recently. Former soldier and police officer Goran Mansson now devotes much of his time advising Swedes what to do if they find a grenade in their street or in a kids’ playground. The bomb squad chief says he has dealt with more than a dozen grenade attacks in the last few months alone.

US President Donald Trump was ridiculed by the mainstream legacy media in February for mentioning Sweden’s crime problems at a rally in Florida. The day after the President gave his speech, major riots broke out in Stockholm, with migrants setting fire to cars and attacking police.

Terror in Sweden. The Aftermath. Image Source: CNN

Terror in Sweden. The Aftermath. Image Source: CNN

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