2nd Amendment

Hawaii police chief tell medical marijuana users to turn in their guns. Image Source: occnewspaper.com

Medical Marijuana Users Lose Gun Rights

The state of Hawaii is embarking on an unconstitutional path with regards to the Second Amendment, and it is likely one that will very soon hit the mainland US. Letters have been sent to people…

LA rescind ban on ultra-compact handguns. Image Source: KTLA

L.A. Repeals Ban On Ultracompact Guns

Los Angeles City Council this week voted to rescind its ban on ultracompact firearms after facing increasing pressure from pro-second amendment groups. Mayor Eric Garcetti is set to sign off the decision, which passed 12…

Image Source: Google Images (Second Amendment Foundation)

Second Amendment Foundation Sues Michigan DHHS

Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is being sued by The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) for trying to deprive a Military Veteran of his 2nd Amendment Right. William Johnson, a retired, disabled Marine,…