Steve Bannon VS California and Bush [VIDEO]

Steve Bannon speaks at the California GOP convention in Anaheim, Oct. 20. Image Source: EUGENE GARCIA/EPA-EFE/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK/EPA/SHUTTERSTOCK
Steve Bannon speaks at the California GOP convention in Anaheim, Oct. 20. Image Source: EUGENE GARCIA/EPA-EFE/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK/EPA/SHUTTERSTOCK

At the State GOP Convention in Anaheim CA, former White House Chief Strategist and Breitbart CEO took on California’s Liberal elite in a speech designed to rally support for “at risk” seats in the 2018 elections. He took aim at the wealthy classes who make fortunes at the expense of regular folk and even found time to respond to former President George W.  Bush’s attacks on President Donald Trump.

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Bannon began his speech by targeting “global elites” and the Silicon Valley “lords of technology” who he says are in the process of stealing wealth, opportunity and jobs from U.S citizens.

He said: “They want all the benefits of a free society…all the benefits of this rules-based international order,’’ including lucrative trade deals and capital markets, he said, while “we the citizens of the United States…underwrite the whole thing,” which is a clear reference to the enormous subsidies paid by the American taxpayer to companies that can’t stand alone in a free market. It also hints at the President’s MAGA platform of keeping jobs in America.

In reference to George W. Bush’s announcement that he thought the current President was a “tool of the Globalists,” Bannon launched a scathing attack on Bush stating that:

“President Bush embarrassed himself,’’ Bannon said, calling the former President “a piece of work.” “It is clear he didn’t understand anything he was talking about…he had no idea whether he was coming or going — just like when he was President of the United States.’’

“There has not been a more destructive presidency than George Bush’s.’’

This was a dinner for California Republicans who are a clear minority in the state, and Bannon had some advice and warnings for those interested in seeing a fairer balance in the legislature.

He said: “You are a sanctuary state — and trust me, if you do not roll this back, 10 or 15 years from now, the folks in Silicon Valley and the progressive left in this state are going to try to secede from the Union.”

“It’s time for California to start having some victories,’’ he said. “[Progressives] are going to drag us so far to the left that we’re going to hold those districts and Nancy Pelosi is not going to get her opportunity to impeach the president of the United States.”

At present, Democrats hold most of the major offices in the state of California. They have a voter registration advantage and a super majority in both Houses. 2018 is an essential election that will likely either see the resurgence of California Republicans, or the demise of the last vestiges of their presence in the state.

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