Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT): Idiot Or Evil Genius?

Senator Chris Murphy – EURIKA! Image source:

Democrat Senator from Connecticut. Anti-gun? Goes without saying, but responding to the kerfuffle over the “Muslim Ban” which didn’t ban 90% of Muslims, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy said he wanted to have: “a discussion about a pathway in which there is absolutely no screening…”.

He then reached deep into the chasms of his uber mind to dispense this glowing pearl of wisdom: “So, I would go towards a sort of European bent in looking at screening (which is NONE), and then maybe let’s just make sure that if folks get to this country, and we suspect them of having connections to terrorism, that they shouldn’t be able to get an assault weapon. That’s a huge liability in our law today.”

Okay, the logic here is profound. Profoundly stupid. Dump screening and just let terrorists into the country willy nilly, but pass more new laws making it harder for them to get their hands on AR-15s? Really? That’s your answer?

Did we learn anything from the guys in France with black-market AKs shooting up dance clubs, or worse, the dude who just rented a truck and killed 84 people?

On it’s surface, this could be the truly dumbest quote on gun control in the long and storied history of dumb quotes on gun control. We are totally into Tropic Thunder, Simple Jack territory.

“And den we make all the guns go away.” Image source: Business Insider


Or are we?

Flip that statement around and you can see how Sen. Chris Murphy may just be the evil genius of our time. Remember Rahm Emanual’s advice, “never let a crisis go to waste.”

So how do we get the public to accept draconian gun control?

Why terrorism, of course! If the nation was just crawling with terrorists all trying to get their hands on guns to shoot up shopping malls, then you can bet a lot of people are going to embrace laws which the liberals promise us will foil the terrorist’s dastardly plans. Which they won’t. See the bit about the truck above. However, liberals don’t really care about results, just feelings. Oh, and the power and control .

A terrorist crisis is a perfect excuse to push for the curtailment of liberty, but the nation isn’t crawling with terrorists. So, the basis for that gun-control push doesn’t exist.


Although, if Sen. Murphy has his way on immigration, it soon will be. No screening means terrorists coming into this country. Period. A lot of them. Again, the dreadful experience in Europe proves this. So, the evil genius idea of Sen. Murphy? Revise immigration policies to ensure America is flooded with terrorists then use those terrorists as an excuse to ban guns. Brilliant. Donald Pleasence with a poofy cat on his lap brilliant.

The cat is like: “get me away from this nut job” Image Source: James Bond Wiki

Can Sen. Murphy really be that evil? Can he really want to intentionally admit large numbers of potential terrorists into the USA? Just so he can then use those terrorists as a reason to push gun control?

You be the judge.

Just remember, this is the party that embraced an open southern border in the hopes that one day it would yield more Democrat voters.

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  1. HOLY SH*T,this guy is a blithering idiot

  2. Avatar clark baltazar | January 4, 2018 at 1:35 am | Reply

    Chris Murphy is an imbecile at the minimum

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