Second Amendment Foundation Sues Michigan DHHS

Image Source: Google Images (Second Amendment Foundation)
Image Source: Google Images (Second Amendment Foundation)

Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is being sued by The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) for trying to deprive a Military Veteran of his 2nd Amendment Right.

William Johnson, a retired, disabled Marine, was ordered to choose between either keeping his grandson or losing his Constitutional Rights, and the Gogebic County Court Judge was explicit: “we know we are violating numerous constitutional rights here, but if you do not comply, we will remove the boy from your home.”

Johnson was first asked if he was carrying a gun, then searched, and finally told to provide the serial numbers of all guns he has at home; not just hand guns, but rifles and shotguns. When Johnson demurred, he was told that “If you want to care for your grandson you will have to give up some of your constitutional rights.”

If the charges in the lawsuit are true, they are a clear violation of both the Second and Fourteenth Amendments. This is the basis of the SAF case. The lawsuit says:

“the policy of the MDHHS, by implementing requirements and restrictions that are actually functional bans on the bearing of firearms for self-defense, both in and out of the home, completely prohibits foster and adoptive parents, and those who would be foster or adoptive parents, from the possession and bearing of readily-available firearms for the purpose of self-defense. This violates Plaintiffs’ constitutional rights under the Second and Fourteenth Amendments.”

The lawsuit is also representing the Mason family who allege they too faced discrimination when becoming foster parents. There are similar cases occurring nationwide. Some suggest left leaning Law agencies, political groups, and Family Courts are wielding politically driven influence to advance an agenda. An agenda that, for obvious constitutional reasons, cannot be advanced through the legislative process.

In the UK, a family (who prefer not to be named) adopted a child whose birth parents were Eastern European. According to Social Services reports, the couple was doing a good job in raising the child. However, when the local council discovered that the couple had voted for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), the child was removed from their care. UKIP won the most seats in the UK’s European election; they are a mainstream party who had the third highest amount of votes in the 2015 General election. Yet politically, they are not on the left.

SAF Founder, Alan M. Gottlieb said: “this amounts to coercion, with a child as their bartering chip. I cannot recall ever hearing anything so offensive and egregious, and we’ve handled cases like this in the past.”

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