Judge Roy Moore Wins Alabama Senate Run-Off

Judge Roy Moore wins run-off. Image Source: Roy Moore Campaign
Judge Roy Moore wins run-off. Image Source: Roy Moore Campaign

Judge Roy Moore, the outsider candidate, has won the Republican run-off for the Senate race beating out Luther Strange convincingly. Rather surprisingly, President Trump, in this case, was backing the more establishment candidate. Roy Moore is seen as a divisive figure to much of America, but in terms of the MAGA agenda, he may just be the candidate to help further it.

The winning candidate has a strong belief in putting Christian values as the backbone of America’s institutions, which is a more popular position than the media makes it out to be. Despite much pushback from the left, the U.S is still a nation that has Judeo-Christian values at heart, even if these are not directly seen as linked with “being religious.” In Judge Roy Moore’s victory speech:

“We have to return the knowledge of God and the Constitution of the United States to the United States Congress,”

“I believe we can make America great, but we must make America good,” he said. “And we cannot make America good without acknowledging the sovereign source of that goodness … which is almighty God.”

Despite President Trump backing Luther Strange for the Alabama seat, he congratulated Roy Moore on his win. Moore tweeted that he had a “Great to talk with President Trump tonight about #ALSen! I very much look forward to working with the President to win in December!”

Former Chief Strategist to the President, Steve Bannon, appeared at a rally for Moore just a couple of days ago, and took the opportunity to lambast the “cozy cartel” of Washington insiders, especially those in the GOP. He took particular umbrage with Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell who he accused of holding up the President’s agenda and being part of the The Swamp. This fits very much in line with Judge Roy Moore’s viewpoint.

As reported on CNN: “Steven Law, the president of the McConnell-aligned Senate Leadership Fund super PAC that spent $10 million against Moore, said he “won this nomination fair and square and he has our support, as it is vital that we keep this seat in Republican hands.”

The fact that Republicans are spending millions of dollars to beat other Republicans seems to prove Judge Roy Moore’s point about big money in the Washington swamp.

Roy Moore will be a strong voice in the Senate come December. Along with people like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and others who are not beholden to the GOP machine, supporters are hoping he will invigorate the MAGA agenda and help the President implement that agenda.

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