Ready to Fight?

Team Transformation. Image source: USA Today

The UK Daily Mail, once again doing the job the hopelessly biased US media won’t, reports that Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s closest advisor during his Presidency, has moved into his rental house in Washington D.C. Why? According to the Mail, Obama is the leader of “The Resistance.” He’s working to not only politically oppose the Trump presidency, but to drive Trump from office either through impeachment or resignation in a hail Mary attempt to save his disastrous legacy from ruin.

Hillary Clinton’s election was supposed to cement and perhaps extend Obama’s fundamental transformation. She would have protected all of his major achievements, from the catastrophic Obamacare, to his lawless embrace of open borders, to his “America Last” foreign policy.

Now that Hillary has lost, Obama’s only hope is to destroy Trump, not through the political process, but through a grab-bag of dirty tricks that would make a Nixon aide blush.

Make no mistake, this is not politics as usual. This is a soft coup involving members of the Deep State, Obama holdovers in the government and the media actively sabotaging a democratically elected President. Mark Levin lays it out pretty bluntly here.

Drool. Image source:

Now, about the fighting part. If you’re like me, you have a safe full of guns. You have a closet or trunk (or both) full of ammo. You dedicate a significant amount of time and money to training with those weapons to become as proficient as possible.

Why? Because we are the 3%, that small percentage of American Citizens who will be willing to risk our fortunes, lives and honor (to paraphrase the greats) to resist true tyranny should it rear it’s head in America. (And for any lefty types reading this, that includes all administrations. If by some chance Trump starts rounding up Muslims and sending them to death camps, then yeah, I’m out the door with my guns to assist the rescue effort.)

But, thankfully, we’re not there yet. A full-on American Revolution 2.0 would be a bloody mess that would pretty much suck for everyone. The safe can stay locked and the guns only need to come out on range day.

Because the coup being waged isn’t a shooting war (and for this the liberals should be profoundly grateful as so many of them develop PTSD from the mere sound of an AR-15 firing) it’s a soft coup being waged for the hearts and minds of the American people. Which, I’m sure you students of history know is as or even more important than military victories when it’s a revolution you’re dealing with.

Under attack by lying sacks of you-know-what. Image source: Powerline.

We’re fighting in the arena of perception and the latest battleground is the calls for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign because, in his capacity as a member of the Armed Services Committee, he talked to the Russian Ambassador twice in 2016.

I’m not going to do the whole debunking of the “perjury” claim, others have done that so much more throughly and ubiquitously, because frankly the specifics of the issue don’t matter. 

There’s been a ton of great writing and commenting on this issue, from Rush to Charles Cooke to the great minds at Conservative Review, but they’ve all stopped short of the really key idea here.

Which is fighting back. 

Debunking, not accepting the premise, all well and good.

But we need to fight. Because this is a war — a war being fought to de-legitimize, undermine and eventually destroy the administration we put into power.

But just because we don’t need to load mags, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be fighting. So how do we fight? (And these tactics apply to any issue that is in play or comes up in the future.)

Call this number: 202-456-1111. It’s the White House comment line. You’re going to be on hold for five, maybe ten minutes and the hold music is so bad you might actually wish you were hiding in a damp cave eating MREs instead, but stick through it. A very nice volunteer operator will eventually come on the line and you can tell him or her that you have the Attorney General’s back. They’ll thank you. And you’ll feel good.

Calls not your thing? Follow this link and send an e-mail instead.

Do you tweet? Then lob a few 140 character truth bombs supporting Sessions into the Twitterverse. Use the hashtag #standwithsessions. Let’s get that trending.

Starve them. Notice I don’t link to articles in the mainstream media? There’s a reason for that. Everyone who clicks on such a link would be giving them money. Sure, a fraction of a cent, but I don’t care. They get nothing from me. So do everything you can to starve the beast. If you buy the Times or Post, stop. If you watch CNN or MSNBC (even for laughs), stop.

Donate and vote. The Founders put it all on the line. Lives, fortunes, honor. Not a lot left if those are lost. We’re not at that point yet, but we are at the point where we can pledge a few hours to vote in every single election local and national and maybe donate a hundred bucks over the next two years.

A hundred bucks for what? Why for supporting Republican candidates in 2018. Now, before I go any further, the notion of handing my hard-earned (and my money is very hard-earned) over to Republicans in the House and Senate is so stomach churning it’s the reason there’s a barf bucket next to the computer while I type this.

But here’s the thing. Yes, we know that Mitch McConnell and the boys define the word “useless.” There are a few great senators and a few more great congressmen, but so far the Republican leadership hasn’t exactly wowed us.

But it doesn’t matter. Like in the presidential election it’s a binary choice. Look, time to come clean: I’m not someone who was wholeheartedly behind Trump. I have a lot of problems with his behavior and persona as well as some of his economic ideas. But he was better than the alternative, and so far, his appointees and policy proposals have been almost uniformly excellent. Plus he’s bigly behind the 2nd Amendment which is my number one issue.

Same or worse with the Republicans in general. There isn’t a self-storage container big enough to hold all the doubts I have about the Republican Party and their adherence to constitutional conservative principals.

But that doesn’t matter. For my purposes, Republicans in power, even sucky ones, are better than Democrats in power. 

And if you just can’t write that check to the Republican running in your state/district, then write it for a Republican running in some other state who you support. Or send it to the NRA ILA, or the GOA, or some other organization working to keep the statists out of power.

More importantly, this is a war of perceptions. If the Republicans lose House or Senate seats in 2018 then it’s blood in the water. The democrats and media will have successfully wounded Trump and the party he leads. It will make it harder for any of the great stuff Trump wants to do to get through. It will make it easier for good SCOTUS nominees to be blocked. It may even lead to that soft coup finally succeeding. After all, if cowardly Republicans get an excuse to blame Trump for their loss, they’ll turn on him hard.

We’re fighting about legitimacy here. If the Republicans pick up a few more Senate and House seats in 2018, then that will be a major repudiation of the anti-Trump movement and sets us up nicely to embarrass them once again in 2020.

But, many ask, are any of those tactics going to help?

Hell, yes.

Simple math tells us there are 10,000,000 people in this nation who consider themselves part of the 3%. A hundred bucks each is a billion dollars helping elect Republicans. A billion with a B.

It’s 10,000,000 votes in the midterms.

It’s 10,000,000 calls or emails to the White House supporting them every time the media and Democrats take another dirty shot. And believe me, if the White House gets 10,000,000 emails they’re going to listen. As well as rent more server space.

That 3% is victory.

We need to stop the elites here and now and in order to win, all we have to do is make our presence known. What could be more American than that?

So come on, guys and gals, take a break from cleaning the crud off your BCG and make a call, send an email, or start saving coins in a jar for the political donations you’re going to be making in 2018.

The left is fighting tooth and nail. We’re going to match them. For every fake story they publish we’re going to send an email or make a call. Every time a jerk like Chuck Schumer calls for a Trump appointee’s resignation or Maxine Waters calls for impeachment we’re going to drop another dollar in that 2018 victory jar. Okay, scratch that. No one’s got that kind of money. But you get the point.

The time is now and the fight is here. The good news? We’re not the kind of people who roll over easily.

We, not they, are America. And it’s time to show the elites how America rolls.


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Matthew Howe
Matthew Howe
College liberal turned conservative once he started paying taxes, Matthew has been active in the gun-rights and conservative movement for years. The author of the thriller Waypoint, (available on Amazon) he's proud to live in the one county in downstate New York which went for Trump by 17 points.

5 Comments on "Ready to Fight?"

  1. Agree. It’s not over….not by a long shot. I’ve said this for the past 12 years…the Republican establishment lifers have to go. We need term limits…desperately. We need to be fervent educators of our youth, and by that I mean educating them about how this country was founded and what’s in the Constitution. Also, don’t push them to go to college…we’re reaping those efforts now, that worked out great. My motto for the next four years…Be. Vigilant.

  2. How delusional and hypocritical can you be? You want to topple the left wing elite, but regard yourselves as an elite squad? The top 3%? Apparently elitism is only okay if you are on the far right.

    • Vituperous, you obviously have no idea what 3% stands for. It has nothing to do with elitism, it is a reference to the 3% of American colonists who actively challenged the King’s authority over the colonies and fought the totalitarianism to achieve freedom. The 3%ers are not elitists, they are merely those committed to continuing that cause of freedom against increasingly authoritarian liberal leftist policies. Thanks to the Constitution our Founders gave us, we can do that with words and ideas rather than guns and bayonets. It is a matter of freeing people to pursue their own happiness and liberty rather than controlling people with elitist leftist policies.

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