Puerto Rico Cop: Officials Withholding Emergency Aid

Puerto Rico: San Juan Mayor hold angry press conference over lack of U.S. aid in front of pallet loads of supplies. Image Source: NBC News
Puerto Rico: San Juan Mayor hold angry press conference over lack of U.S. aid in front of pallet loads of supplies. Image Source: NBC News

An online video has surfaced of a distraught female police officer exposing major corruption in disaster-stricken Puerto Rico. The officer appears to have phoned directly from her police vehicle to Spanish-speaking U.S. radio station La Mega.

She claims that the Puerto Rican government and municipal authority of San Juan are withholding the emergency aid received from the United States mainland and that virtually no one is distributing the packages. Crying and noticeably distressed, the caller explains how the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, is politicizing the situation in order to hurt U.S. President Donald Trump.

Although the officer allegedly made the call from the Guaynabo municipality on Thursday, the mainstream media has so far failed to report it. Liberal news outlets have attacked President Trump for his response to Hurricane Maria, with Mayor Cruz even claiming that the President is ignoring the Puerto Rican people.

The Popular Democratic Party politician appeared in an interview on CNN yesterday wearing a t-shirt with the words “HELP US, WE ARE DYING!” emblazoned across the front. CNN chose to run the headline: “Trump attacks San Juan Mayor as she begs for help”.

Ms. Cruz told Anderson Cooper that she could not understand how the situation had become so complicated and the logistics [of emergency aid supplies] were “insurmountable”. Cooper then implied that President Trump does not recognize Puerto Ricans as Americans.

In a separate interview, the Mayor also told CNN she had “no time for small politics or comments that really don’t add to the situation here“.

A disaster relief effort has already been put in place by Puerto Rico’s First Lady, Beatriz Rossello, in order to provide international aid. The fund is sponsored by several major corporations, including Coca-Cola, Walmart, Burger King, and Bacardi. Crowdfunding website Global Giving has also raised $2.7 million to help citizens in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Earlier today, Harvard Business School graduate and head of a major Puerto Rican engineering company, Jorge Rodriguez, described the country’s government as “inept” at handling regular societal needs and “riddled with corruption”. He also said he failed to see it functioning well during the current crisis.


Interview Transcript from The Conservative Treehouse:

Radio Host: What is your name?

Officer: I cannot give my name because I work for Puerto Rico’s Police Department. I need to pass this information out because the stuff that is being brought from the U.S. is not being distributed. They are not allowing the Puerto Rican people to receive the donations.

Radio Host: What part of Puerto Rico are you calling us from right now?

Officer: I am right now in Guaynabo.

Radio Host #2: Wow.

Radio Host #3: But what information do you have? What have you seen?

Officer: The Mayor, Carmen Yulin, is not allowing anyone to distribute… We need… what Puerto Ricans need is that the U.S. armed forces come in and distribute the aid. And that they stop the governor, Rosello, and the mayor, Yulin, on doing what they are doing… It’s an abuse, it looks like communism, in our own island (sobbing)… (sobbing continues, inaudible translation due to cries)…

People are helping us, but they are not accepting it, they are not accepting anymore help supposedly: “they have to wait for the license, that there are no buses.” …Let me tell you something Boricuas (Puerto Ricans) are dying of hunger (crying continues) … This is a bureaucracy, everything has to be protocol, the lines are stretched. …We can only give one box of water per person (sobbing continues). …The medics here, people are dying, the hospitals are in crisis.

I am embarrassed, as a Boricua to work for Puerto Rico’s police and see that we cannot do anything. There are dozens and thousands and thousands of food and when people ask we cannot give anything away because [Mayor] Carmen Yulin says that we cannot take anything out; because everything is a soap opera, everything is a show and there have to be cameras here and there. ….Because you know they are just looking for votes for the upcoming years.

Radio Host #2: Wow

Officer: And the governor won’t move unless there is a camera behind him; [Mayor] Carmen Yulin won’t move unless there is a camera behind her. This is how we are living in Puerto Rico, meanwhile artists are giving money and the people of Florida are sending stuff, and I don’t know how many more people are helping because we have very limited communication, very limited, and we have no idea what’s going on outside; and the people who are sending stuff, they have to come in; they have to come to help Puerto Rico and distribute what is being wasted …because what else are we going to do? You tell me, what are we going to do?

Radio Host #2: Of course the desperation..

Radio Host #3: We are with our hearts broken listening to you describing this situation which is heartbreaking when we know that so many people are helping …this is a police officer speaking.

Officer: I’ve been for one hour and a half just trying to download an application because the phones that they give to us I cannot use them as a police officer due to security measures. But I need to speak for the people because the people are suffering. Because I, as a cop, and other partners are seeing it. A lot of people have been posting videos (sobbing – inaudible) …and no-one is paying attention.

Radio Host #3: We are truly sorry for this situation, we did not know that..

Officer: If Cuba and Venezuela want to help and we are grateful for that; and that the government denies their help, the government denies Cuba’s help. …That they reject Venezuela’s help, …Look for God’s sake! Tell me how is that possible, we need help.

Radio Host#3: We are going to send this message out so that it gets to where it needs to get to…

Officer: We want the U.S. to come in, that the strongest forces come in and take the governor out, he is not doing anything, he is just going around and around, …and everyone is like: “oh, look how nice, the governor, he is going in the mud, he is going in the water”, And where is it? Pardon the expression: WHERE IS THE FOOD?

Look, grab the food, grab the sausage can and take it to the families! Stop the show! The governor is just doing a show, is all a show. There are many mayors that are suffering because they cannot do anything for their people.

Radio Host#2: What are they doing with the food? Is it being kept in storage because they are not allowing to give it out?

Officer: They are not doing anything, and they tell the harbors (ports) that they cannot bring stuff anymore. If the U.S. government doesn’t get involved they will finish us. We are going to end up worse. …Worse than Cuba, Africa, or worse than Haiti. We are living in an era that you don’t want to see, people are desperate. The gasoline, people are already killing each other. Not to rob you, they are doing it so they can be the firsts to get food and take it to their families.

Do you know what it is when a woman approaches me and tells me “I don’t have any more.” “I don’t know what else to give my kids because I don’t have anymore.” “Water and crackers”!

Radio Host#1: Sweetie, thank you for calling us and using this medium to denounce this situation; and good thing that it was you who explained this so that people don’t think that we are making up stuff; because this has nothing to do with politics. This is a very serious situation.

Officer: Very Serious (sobbing continues)

[Audio/video cuts off]

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