Popeye’s Robber Shot By Civilian May Be Linked To Other Crimes

Armed dad ends Popeye's restaurant robbery and may have ended a robbery spree as well. Image Source: San Antonio Express
Armed dad ends Popeye's restaurant robbery and may have ended a robbery spree as well. Image Source: San Antonio Express

A fatal shooting at a Popeye’s restaurant in Texas earlier this month could have been the end of a robbing spree, according to San Antonio police.

The suspect was gunned down by an armed civilian at a Popeye’s fast food restaurant on South Side on December 6. Police are now saying they believe the man who was shot may be the perpetrator of several other recent crimes.

Officer Douglas Greene, who works as a public information officer for San Antonio police, told reporters: “Our robbery unit is looking into this and seeing if that particular suspect is linked to other robberies.”

The medical examiner for Bexar County, Texas is still working with officers to try and identify the suspect. Earlier this month several news outlets reported that the robber’s name is Andrew Herrera, 19, but police have been unable to confirm this.

The attempted robbery was botched when a father protected his children by shooting and killing the suspect with his own concealed carry weapon. Carlos Molina, 32, was eating dinner at the Popeyes restaurant on Southeast Military Drive near Flores Street with his family between 10 and 11 p.m. The suspect stormed into the restaurant with a gun and ordered Mr. Molina to hand over his money while his children were in the restroom.

When his children walked back into the dining room area, the robber immediately turned the gun on them, police say. Mr. Molina, who is a licensed handgun owner, clearly fearing for his kids’ lives, pulled out his own gun and shot the robber several times, killing him instantly.

San Antonio police say that Mr. Molina shot in defense of a third person, although detectives are still investigating the incident. As the suspect was attempting to rob the restaurant and pointed a gun at several employees and customers, including children, Mr. Molina appears to have acted within the law and is unlikely to face any charges.

According to Officer Greene, “He [Molina] found himself within a situation to where his life was threatened. Here in the state of Texas, if you are in fear of loss of life, loss of property, you have a right to defend yourself.”

The Popeye’s restaurant reopened last week, but employees have been encouraged to stay silent on the attempted robbery incident. Other witnesses to the botched robbery told local news reporters that Mr. Molina saved lives in the restaurant and may have even averted a possible mass shooting with his actions.

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