Obamacare – Ends Justify Means?

There’s a 1969 sci-fi novel by Norman Spinrad called Bug Jack Barron. In it, a shadowy cabal of bad guys have unlocked the secret to immortality. Unfortunately, the process requires that children be exposed to high levels of radiation which kills them, but yields the necessary compounds to allow another to live forever. Sorry about the spoilers but be honest, you were never going to read it anyway.

So what does Bug Jack Barron have to do with Obamacare?

We’ll get to that.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that in their desperation to protect their man’s legacy, the left and the media have turned their guns on one of President Trump’s signature campaign promises: a repeal and replacement of the disaster known as Obamacare.

It’s impossible, we’re told. The cost will be too high. Millions will lose coverage and children will die in the streets. These are the same people who relentlessly cheered on the program through it’s difficult birth. Those who bought into the “if you like your plan/doctor you can keep your plan/doctor” until that lie became so blatantly obvious that even the hack media could no longer sell it.

They act as if the nation didn’t survive 234 years without Obamacare. Apparently, before 2010 there was no health care in America, or at least the health care system was broken to the point of futility. This was a national tragedy on the scale of a world war, appendicitis was a death sentence and only Obamacare could save us from certain doom. Repealing and replacing it will send us back to the dark ages of bleeding and leeches. Disease will run rampant. Millions will be kicked off their insurance. Convicted murders will have to pay for their own sex-change operations. Oh! the humanity!

Do these hysterical predictions remind you of anything? Check the headlines whenever any citizen gun carry law is being voted on, “Wild West,” shoot outs over parking spots, save the children… Oh! The humanity!

Obamacare was never designed to work. Anyone who could do basic math understood this all the way back in 2009. The funding mechanisms were never going to cover the costs, the new premiums the insurance companies would get from young, healthy people FORCED to sign up would never cover the extra expenses of paying for the old and the sick. Especially when the young and healthy decided they’d rather pay a small fine every year instead of thousands for a health plan they didn’t want. Why should they buy health insurance? There was no more exceptions for pre-existing conditions allowed. So if you got sick, you bought insurance then and the insurance company had to cover your treatment.

The whole abomination was designed to collapse. Which is the one thing about the plan that IS WORKING quite handily. When it did, the Democrats would rush in with the “fix” which would be single payer, government run, top-down, wait-eighteen-months-to-get-an-MRI style health insurance. You know, like they have in England where people actually starve to death in hospitals. (But at least the British Department of Health brands this “unacceptable.” Phew. For a moment there I thought they might roll with it.)

All of this in the name of helping “the little guy.” Meanwhile, actual little guys got crushed under the wheels of this Marxist monstrosity.

I know. I was one of them.

I work as a freelancer, and for freelancers finding health coverage is a nightmare. Back when I started having to insure my family, the only real way not to pay the individual price for a plan, which was double the group rate, was to form a corporation and buy health insurance through the company. Which I did.

The owners/employees were myself and my wife and I was able to purchase solid but expensive health insurance for my small family. It was an HSA plan with a massive $10,000 deductible. But we got by. It was fine. Expensive, but fine.

UNTIL OBAMA… Summer 2013 I learned that as the ACA came on line and all its regulations were put in force, that companies with less than three employees, one of which could not be a family member, were going to be banned from buying group coverage.

Yes, you heard that right. Here I was, freelancer and small businessman, the absolute definition of the “little guy” running a literal mom and pop corporation who was paying my health premium and deductible out of my own pocket suddenly being told that I was being thrown off my health insurance. For no other reason than Obama had a better idea of how I should run my life.

I cannot tell you the anxiety and stress this caused. Both myself, my wife and my son had ongoing medical issues. The thought of losing the excellent, though pricey, coverage we had was terrifying.

First I went to the exchanges. At that time, the New York exchange offered only three plans. Two of them fit the premium profile of my prior coverage, but had none of our doctors in their networks. The doctors they did offer were… well let’s just say they didn’t necessarily get the highest Healthgrades ratings. After all, reimbursement rates were going to be terrible under Obamacare, so a lot of the best docs weren’t going to play. The one plan that did have some of our doctors in network had a premium twice what I was currently paying. Disaster.

Fortunately, a friend of mine who I often worked for was in the same boat. We put together a solution. I became his employee and his company bought my family’s health insurance for us. The premium came out of the wages he paid me.

Only problem? There was a ninety day wait before I could get on his plan and my current coverage was due to lapse in a month. That meant two months with no coverage.

Thankfully, when that problem was explained to my current carrier, they decided to “forget” that the law was kicking me off my insurance. They renewed my plan with the nudge-wink understanding I’d be cancelling in sixty days.

The problem? My renewal hit in February, and came with its annual $10,000 deductible. In April I’d cancel my former plan, and jump on my friend’s plan with a new $10,000 deductible. Any medical expenses we incurred between February and April were coming out of my hide.

As it would happen, in March of 2014 my son became ill and needed some expensive treatment. More than $10,000 worth. So that entire deductible was paid out of pocket.

April 2014, we got on the new plan from my friends company with a new deductible which we also met that year due to my son’s condition.

Bottom line, because of the ACA, I was $10,000 out of pocket, TWICE.

The government, the Obama administration and the Democratic party put together a plan they claimed was going to lower costs, increase enrollment, streamline coverage and help the little guy. It actually was a plan designed to fail and that screwed millions of “little guys” like me. People who were doing nothing wrong. People who didn’t want help or handouts, people who just wanted to be allowed to buy their own health insurance and be left alone.

Now what about Bug Jack Barron and the irradiated children?

When discussing my Obamacare nightmare with some of my peers, I was told that those of us who had been ground under the wheels of the ACA were “statistically insignificant” and “a necessary cost.”

In other words, the eggs that got broken to make the omelet. This notion is kind of scary when you think about it, and while the dark secret of Bug Jack Barron is an extreme case (as well as a fictional one), I wonder. How many deaths would the leftists accept if it guaranteed universal healthcare for the rest of society? They certainly didn’t have a problem with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of us being kicked off our plans.

To what end? The number of chronically un- or under-insured was not “40 million” before the ACA. According to the Kaiser Foundation, a non-profit healthcare provider, it was 8 to 13 million. Why not craft a plan to help those people that didn’t screw over so many of us who were doing nothing wrong?

Because granting access to healthcare for everyone was not the goal. Putting the government in charge of healthcare was the goal. If a few little people get smashed, so be it. If a few children get irradiated to death to provide immortality for the elite. Great! The only difference between the two notions is scale and I’ll be honest, I don’t trust allowing the folks who created Obamacare to be the ones drawing the line between what is and what isn’t an acceptable means to an end.

So go ahead, media. Go ahead activist left. Go ahead Bernie and Liz. Shriek and scream as your darling step toward single payer socialized medicine is (hopefully) repealed.

Me, I don’t want it repealed.

I want it killed.

I want to drive a stake through it’s heart.

I want to set it on fire, I want piss on the ashes and seal them in a sarcophagus made of depleted uranium and drop the whole shebang into the Marianas Trench. Only then will I feel we’re finally rid of that monstrosity.

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Matthew Howe
Matthew Howe
College liberal turned conservative once he started paying taxes, Matthew has been active in the gun-rights and conservative movement for years. The author of the thriller Waypoint, (available on Amazon) he's proud to live in the one county in downstate New York which went for Trump by 17 points.

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