New Poll Finds Hillary Clinton More Unpopular Than Trump

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A new Bloomberg Poll finds Hillary Clinton’s approval rating at a near all-time low. The same poll is good news for President Trump, somewhat. Many would characterize the 2016 Presidential campaign as a battle between least favorites. Two flawed candidates with less than stellar approval ratings even during the campaign. Many political pundits advised Hillary Clinton to simply lay low and allow then candidate Trump to self-destruct. Which she did, to a degree, but it didn’t work then and doesn’t appear to be working now.

The Bloomberg News Nation Poll conducted July 8-12, 2017 found that Hillary Clinton’s approval rating had dropped to 39%. Just one percentage point above her all-time low of 38% in the same poll from Sep. 2015 during her primary battle with Bernie Sanders. What may be more revealing is the drop in approval among her supporters. Over 20% of Clinton voters now view her unfavorably, compared to the 8% unfavorable among likely Clinton voters right before the election.

Despite being largely out of the spotlight since the election, Hillary Clinton’s 58% Unfavorable beats out President Trump’s 55% Unfavorable. President Trump, on the other hand, has been front and center tweeting as usual, battling the media on the Russian Collusion stories and dealing with Congress being unable to pass the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. According to the poll, 35% of the respondents named healthcare as the number one issue.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, President Trump seems to be holding on to the support of his voters with only about 6% of Trump voters now viewing him unfavorably. Hillary Clinton’s unfavorables among her voters jumping from 8% to over 20% could be a significant stumbling block to any future political aspirations.

President Trump isn’t exactly winning the popularity battle though at only 41% Favorable, just two percentage points above Clinton. Both are viewed as polarizing figures and could seen as representative of the polarized nature of American politics in general. Other data in the survey is a bit of a mixed bag with positive numbers relating to the economy and negative numbers regarding the direction of the country.

Though it may not be a big win for President Trump, he can at least say he is more popular (or less unpopular) than his 2016 campaign rival Hillary Clinton.

See Full Poll Results And Methodology Here.

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