No Migrant Welfare Payouts For First Five Years [VIDEO]

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President Trump announced this week that migrants will not be able to claim government welfare payouts during their first five years in the United States. The five-year ban on migrant welfare is primarily intended to reduce the number of illegal immigrants taking benefit payments from American taxpayers. Migrant welfare is also viewed as a “magnet” that attracts illegal immigration. According to a White House report, over 50% of immigrant families are currently receiving welfare.

In his weekly online and radio address to the American people, the president detailed his administration’s plans to restrict welfare for new arrivals.

“You cannot get welfare for five years when you come into our country. You can’t just come in, like in past weeks, years and decades — you come in, immediately start picking up welfare.

For five years, you have to say you will not be asking or using our welfare systems. As I said in my address to Congress, the time for dreaming big, bold and daring things for our country has begun.”

Trump already declared his intention to bring in the legislation at a rally in Iowa in June, in which he proposed tighter laws on immigrant welfare benefits and said that migrants must be able to support themselves financially.

In this week’s address he commended the United States’ recent economic success, which has been largely ignored by the mainstream media. This year GDP increased to 2.6 percent, the DOW Jones Industrial Average reached a record high, and in May unemployment was reduced to a 16-year low.

The president criticized Washington for funneling taxpayer funds into global projects at the expense of US workers and industries. He detailed his new tax plan to create more domestic jobs, as well as the removal of regulations and unfair trading practices. He also promised to end the “war on coal” and unleash American energy.

“Prosperity is coming back to our shores because we’re putting America workers and families first. The American Dream has always been about doing what we love and doing it for the people we love.”

According to Department of Homeland Security figures, more than a million migrants were admitted to the US for permanent residency last year, taking the intake to record levels. Earlier this week President Trump announced a controversial but mostly popular immigration bill which would introduce an assessment-based green card process.

The immigration plan, known as the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act is intended to drastically reduce legal immigration into the country. It would introduce a merit-based scoring system, which would assess applicant education level, English language skills, financial status, current job offers and age. The bill would also cut the number of low-skilled immigrants granted permanent residency by 50 percent, and require immigrants to learn and speak English.

Trump defended the bill by claiming that too many low-skilled migrants are already entering the United States, thus harming blue-collar workers’ jobs and income. He said that the new immigration system would attract young and highly-skilled workers who are more likely to integrate into American society.

A recent telephone and online survey from Rasmussen reports that 62 percent of US voters are in favor of a five-year ban on migrant welfare payments to new immigrants; 26 percent oppose the bill and 12 percent are currently undecided.

According to the president, the country is now moving in the right direction.

“For too long the dreams of many Americans have been put out of reach by Washington.”

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