The Las Vegas Shooting You Probably Won’t Hear About

Metro Police officers confer outside the Center for Wellness & Pain Care of Las Vegas after a shooting in a medical and office complex on Buffalo Drive between Westcliff Drive and Summerlin Parkway Thursday, June 29, 2017. Image Source: Steve Marcus

Las Vegas, NV: On June 29th, Chad Broderick  reportedly walked into the Center for Wellness and Pain Care seeking a same-day appointment for relief of severe back pain. When denied the appointment, witnesses report he opened fire inside the clinic, injuring two before turning the gun on himself. The two employees were shot and two others were injured trying to flee the scene. The injuries were “fairly minor” according to police spokeswoman Laura Meltzer and all expected to be okay.

Chad Broderick
Image Source: Facebook

So, why haven’t you heard about this? In the interest of full disclosure, Chad Broderick was a friend of a friend of mine. According to his Facebook page, Chad describes himself as “Father, Husband, Counselor, Shooting Sports, Fisherman.”  He was one of those “gun guys” that the mainstream media likes to demonize, so why aren’t they all over this one? Because there are factors in play here that undermine not only their anti-gun agenda, but many other liberal causes as well.

By all accounts, Chad Broderick was a “good guy,” with a genuine desire and ability to help others. Even in death he inspired others to “be better.” This was posted by a Facebook mutual friend and was my first contact with this story.

Yesterday I lost. Yesterday I realized that my influence isn’t nearly what I thought it was. Yesterday I realized I can’t talk people off a ledge that they want to be on. I will do better. I will be better. I will shine a light so bright that people have to follow. Period.
I knew this man. He had a background in helping people, but he couldn’t help himself. He walked me through a sh***y point in life. Chad Broderick, I don’t know that I could’ve helped you. But, you helped me realize that I need to be better. So, thank you for your influence on my life.

So, what can make a good man snap like that? Severe Chronic Pain. Chad Broderick reportedly suffered severe back pain. According to neighbor Welborn Williams, they often chatted at the mailboxes. Williams said that Broderick talked about pain pills and not being able to sleep at night.

“He was a really nice gentleman,” he said. “I would never expect anything like this out of him.” “I hate to see anyone in pain like that,” the neighbor said. “But there should have been another way for him.”

Therein lies the kryptonite for national mainstream media. Chad was a gun owner, reportedly owning multiple firearms and having a concealed carry license. You would think he would be a prime candidate for the anti-gun agenda, but there is a hitch. As a trained “gun enthusiast” it could be argued that if his intent was to kill, he was capable of doing just that. However, he didn’t kill anyone but himself. This tragic incident shines the light on the failures of government controlled medicine. I recently pointed this out in an article titled, Junkies Control FDA Opioid Drug Policy.

Some pain just can’t be healed. At best it can only be managed, but it is always, ALWAYS there. It is not uncommon for pain sufferers to lash out against those they look to for relief. Chronic pain sufferers also have a very high suicide rate. As Chad Broderick’s neighbor, Mr. Williams, pointed out “there should have been another way for him.” Chronic pain, sleep deprivation and denied relief can be a deadly combination. As I pointed out in my previous article, doctors no longer work for their patients and the doctor patient relationship is compromised by government and insurance middlemen.

None of this excuses the actions of Chad Broderick. This tragedy could have and should have been avoided. It shines the light on the failures of our society, but at a horrendous cost. The investigation is still ongoing.

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  1. Avatar youcantstealmysunshine:) | July 7, 2017 at 1:14 pm | Reply

    I wonder if he’d ever tried to somewhat ease his pain with cannabis oil in capsule form? (monitored, medical dosage overseen by a wellness doctor) Ironically, the awful incident occurred just days before recreational became legal in LV. I’m sure he was often in a professional setting so maybe that wasn’t an option, but indica (p.m. use) has been known to offer some comfort for pain-reduced sleep. That, along with a special anti-imflammatory diet, could have _possibly_ offered _some_ relief, lessening the awful side effects and consequences of prescription opiate use and addiction. I know it’s not for everyone, but my husband is testimony which in turn allows me to share those thoughts. Sigh, should have, could have. Just tragic. Prayers for the family.

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