Illinois Governor Signs Abortion Bill – Taxpayer Funded

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner (R) Signs Abortion Bill – Taxpayer Funded. Image Source: Abel Uribe / Chicago Tribune
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner (R) Signs Abortion Bill – Taxpayer Funded. Image Source: Abel Uribe / Chicago Tribune

Illinois Governor, Bruce Rauner has signed into law a controversial piece of legislation, HB 40,  which is essentially taxpayer funded abortion on demand and will be freely available to those on Medicaid or other State health insurance.

The Republican governor may well have signed his own political suicide note. He is now a pro-abortion Republican in a largely Blue State and as such is one of the most “at risk” incumbents in the country. In April and May, Rauner stated that he would veto the bill when it arrived on his desk, in no uncertain terms. His last minute reversal has left his Republican support base feeling lied to and betrayed.

Upon signing, he made a statement:

“No woman should be forced to make a different decision than another woman would based purely on her income,” Rauner said. “I am personally pro-choice, I always have been. I made no qualms about that when I was elected governor. I have not and never will change my views. I personally believe that a woman must have the right to decide what goes on in her own body.”

Critics argue that the actual “choice” would be a woman chosing to engage in unprotected sex. They point out that this is “blanket coverage,” and not for special cases where that “choice” is denied, such as rape, abuse or even contraceptive failure.

According to a Chicago Tribune op-ed piece, “Illinoisans already pay for abortions under Medicaid in instances of rape or when a mother’s life is in jeopardy. The bill would force Illinois taxpayers to pay for abortions for state employees and Medicaid recipients through all nine months of pregnancy — for any reason.”

They essentially make the case that the public will be paying for another person’s poor life choices. Even Illinois residents who hold religious views against abortion will be forced to fund it. Contraception is freely available in Illinois and should, therefore, be utilized by anyone not wanting to conceive.

Supporters of Rauner’s decision see this is a great step forward. The National Institute for Reproductive Health president, Andrea Miller, responded to the signing: “Because of this action, women in Illinois will no longer be barred from using Medicaid coverage for abortion,” she said. “(NIRH) is proud to have supported this effort in Illinois and to be part of the growing movement to end all bans on insurance coverage of abortion.”

Those who oppose his decision were quick to make their feelings known. Conservative radio host, Dan Proft, said: “He has no hope. If he is the IL GOP nominee, the IL GOP is effectively conceding the Governor’s race to whichever Leftist of privilege the Dems nominate.”

“Apparently he either thinks running as Jan Schakowsky [a liberal Chicago-area congresswoman] is his path to victory or he is not running again.”

Director of Family-Pac, Paul Caprio, said: “Bruce Rauner today declared war on the pro-family movement, Illinois taxpayers, and the most basic values of the Republican party. No serious conservative of any type can consider ever voting for Bruce Rauner again.”

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