Gun Rights Advocates March To California Capitol [Video]

Anika Brooks personally attended the march. Image Source: Anika Brooks

Anika Brooks personally attended the march. Image Source: Anika Brooks

The gun advocates rally and march to the California State Capitol was only the beginning of what is to come from the California gun rights movement. The goal is to eliminate the gun control crazed and hypocritical politicians passing unjust and unconstitutional gun laws. The march spawned from frustrations of dealing with gun control issues surrounding the AR-15 and similar firearms. This began for me in 2012, when former Senator Leland Yee was trying to ban AR-15’s with SB 249. We Californians have faced many of our rights being taken away since the 1st of the year. Such as the new purchasing requirements for ammunition requirements, the registration of AR-15’s as assault rifles (SB 880) and modifying rifles to be California compliant for purchase. Senator Yee’s bill, SB 249 back in 2012, was basically rewritten and passed as SB 880. So, our battle begins all over again and it is only a matter of time before they enforce stricter rules such as SB 18, introduced in December 2016, which is a Children and Youth Bill of Rights in California. It would enact a set of rules that gun advocates fear might make them have to choose their children over their second amendment rights and other concerns. We fear they may limit us by deeming a gun owner’s household as an unsafe and unhealthy environment. SB 18 is so vague, if passed we fear its limitations may infringe on our rights as law abiding citizens and as parents.

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To touch back on the topic of former Senator Leland Yee. He was on a school board in San Francisco and a Mental Health Department Counselor before being elected as the District 8 California Senator. Senator Yee was a staunch gun control advocate who left office after pleading guilty to receiving money as bribes while trafficking firearms. When SB 249 was introduced, right around the time I bought my first AR-15 in 2012, I was on guard about my rights being immediately taken away. That rifle was a gift to myself on my birthday. I was, and still am, a proud owner of that rifle which became a symbol of my rights and freedom. There aren’t many things more exciting than buying all the parts and building your very first AR-15 and nothing more frustrating than to think of your symbol of freedom being taken away simply because someone else feels insecure about it. Less than 2 years later I found out about the reports of Senator Yee being indicted and arrested for accepting bribes and the trafficking of automatic weapons and missiles. How much more hypocritical could the politicians of California be? Only time will tell, but we will highlight these politicians and seek out their hidden agendas when it comes to taking away our rights. I am happy to have one crooked politician out of the way, but recent events would indicate that there may be many more. We plan to expose and replace those politicians with gun supporters like ourselves by educating others. So anyone out there please step up if you are interested in the cause.

Anika Brooks personally attended the march. Image Source: Anika Brooks

Another important topic is suppressors, commonly called “silencers” even though they DO NOT “silence” a firearm. They merely reduce, or suppress, the noise of the shot. It is illegal to possess any suppressor or silencer to muffle the sound of a firearm in California. Possession of a suppressor is punishable by imprisonment and/or $10,000 fine and would add a hefty felony to your record as well. That felony would also prevent you from ever “legally” owning ANY gun ever again. The only people allowed to possess suppressors in the state are law enforcement or peace officers, which includes military and investigators for a district attorney, while on duty or for their course of study. This law is absurd considering 42 other states allow private ownership of suppressors. Californians we have lost so many of the rights that now we must stand and fight to make a difference. Personally, I want to own a suppressor because set up group target practices once a month and a suppressor can help reduce hearing damage to myself and others who join me at the range. It could also assist new shooters while on the range.

With all that has been taken from us, we will no longer sit back and allow more of our rights to be taken. We will take a stand by uniting in California, getting active, organizing and spreading the word until we regain our lost rights. Many different types, makes and models of guns are no longer in California due to the strict laws. Many manufacturers refuse to make “California Compliant” models to replace those guns we can no longer purchase. So the list of the handguns and rifles Californians can purchase keeps getting smaller and smaller. We need everyone’s support and need everyone to come together to keep our rights. Not only here in California, but across America! California isn’t the only tyrannical gun control state and as neighbors it is everyone’s duty to help a neighbor in trouble. Or at least that’s how it should be and we hope you agree. So please help your fellow California neighbors out! Support the grassroots gun rights advocates fighting for their rights from behind enemy lines.

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Anika Brooks
Anika Brooks
Anika Brooks has a wide range of experience. From working at a gun range and an aerospace/defense company to an IT career as a computer technician for a high school district, as she pursues a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with emphasis on Security. While working towards a career in cyber security, she is also working on starting her own firearms business and as an activist for second amendment rights. Her goals are also to inspire, motivate and encourage others, especially women, to take control and make the best of the things you love in life.

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