Dr. Sebastian Gorka Interview with Mark Angelides – Part IV

Image Source: Hannity on FOX
Image Source: Hannity on FOX

Editor’s Note: This is the final part of a multi-part series Exclusive Interview with former Deputy Assistant to the President, Dr. Sebastian Gorka. In this series, Dr. Gorka has talked about the MAGA platform in part one; in part two he discussed what is happening with the Obama holdovers in the White House; and in part three, Dr.Gorka talked about Radical Islam and the ways in which the U.S. should be combatting the threat.

In the final part of this interview, I asked Dr. Gorka about issues that are close to my heart. Sebastian Gorka was born in the U.K, and I felt he would have a unique perspective on what’s happening with Brexit, especially how in how it relates to the “Trump Phenomenon.”  And being one of the White House’s experts on Foreign Affairs, it seemed appropriate to ask  Dr. Gorka’s opinion on the escalating situation with North Korea.

Mark Angelides:  Do you think that now there’s a real possibility of an actual Brexit or do you feel that the EU is going to be making back-door deals with a complicit UK government? What do you think the future is for Brexit?

Dr. Gorka:  Oh, no, the political elite may have betrayed the British people ever since Maggie Thatcher left office, but they’re not suicidal. They’re not suicidal. The British people have spoken. There will be Brexit, you can take that to the bank.  The island people will not allow, will simply not allow the political elite to betray them at that level of intensity. So no, I can’t predict the exact shape of it, but it will be hard, as opposed to soft, and it will happen, I have absolute faith in that.


Mark Angelides:  We haven’t heard much from North Korea over the Obama years; do you think there were any “back door deals” in place that kept North Korea under control which haven’t been passed over to the new administration?

Dr. Gorka:  If you look at all the shenanigans with regards to the Iran deal, how the congressmen and women were kept in the dark, the pallets of $40 billion here, $140 billion there, ransom money… Who knows? The Obama Administration bent over backwards to facilitate people who rhetorically, if not operationally, are committed to the destruction of everything we hold dear.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there were similarly untoward deals made which suited the leading from behind, strategic patience, “America is the problem” mantra of the Ben Rhodes-Obama White House.



Interviewing Dr. Gorka was not only informative but also entertaining. In the wide-ranging one-on-one interview I conducted with Dr.Gorka he proved himself to be sharp, smart and one of the most unusually interesting people in the D.C. scene. His opinions helped to shape the current administration and while he is currently not working in the West Wing, it’s likely his influence will still be felt there.  Public opinion among those who want to Make America Great Again has always been with Gorka and it’s doubtful this will be the last we’ve heard of this most strategic and brilliant thinker. 


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