No Free Speech To Attack Trump Supporter In Europe

American Liberal in Europe Attacks Man with MAGA Hat,Learns Free Speech Lesson And Now Faces Hate Crime Charges. Image Source:
American Liberal in Europe Attacks Man with MAGA Hat,Learns Free Speech Lesson And Now Faces Hate Crime Charges. Image Source:

The Left is in the process of trying to limit free speech in the United States, especially for politically motivated words and actions. A liberal American traveling in Denmark just learned a hard lesson in irony.

A young woman walked into a bar in Denmark and discovered that “free speech” is not a thing in Europe, and is now being charged with a politically motivated hate crime. Upon entering the bar, she sat at a table with a young man and his friends. The man was wearing a Make America Great Again cap; she became visibly agitated by it.

She began cursing at Julius Daugbjerg Bjerrekær (the man in the cap) saying: “You’re doing this, like to the world,” she screamed. “What the fu** is wrong with people? What is fu**ing wrong with you? You are a horrible human being. Horrible human being,”

Bjerrekaer then said “Liberal tolerance at hand!” and she began screaming even more: “I do not fu**ing tolerate fu**ing, fu**ing racist!” she yelled. “You’re a horrible fu**ing human being and I hope you go home and feel fu**ing ashamed of yourself!”

Bjerrekaer asked “for what?” And she replied angrily: “For fu**ing being a fu**ing racist you fu**ing human piece of sh**!” And threw her drink at him.

This is what the Left in America fails to understand and appreciate about the First Amendment. You can say whatever you like to someone and it is accepted and “tolerated.” However, that protected right does NOT extend overseas, in Europe this right does not exist. The very thing people like her want to destroy in the U.S. is the one thing that protects people like her from their own idiocy.

WARNING: Video contains unedited graphic language.

Mr. Bjerrekær has decided to take legal action against the woman, saying:

“We chose to take legal action the following day. A case has been opened and she will be charged with politically motivated assault (a hate crime). Political violence is never acceptable – no matter one’s political affiliation.”

In America, free speech laws allow an individual to express their view of you (as long as the language is not classed as “fighting words”), so she would not be facing legal trouble. In America, the most she MIGHT have been charged with would be simple assault for throwing the drink. Unfortunately for her, this was not America, and her actions are not protected by the First Amendment that people like her want to be removed. So, now she faces a political HATE CRIME charge. Is this a perfect example of Irony?

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  1. Good! I’m glad he’s pressing charges!! These little snowflakes & their tantrums will not be tolerated anymore!! I’ve had it and so has most of the WORLD with their childish behavior!! HILLARY LOST!!! TRUMP WON!!! GET OVER IT!!!

  2. Wake up sunshine… it’s time for your sentencing.

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