Ending DACA Opens Up 700,000 Jobs

The amnesty program, created under former president Barack Obama, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) looks set to be taken down by President Trump this week. A study by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s FWD.us group – a pro-immigration lobbying group, suggests that with this repeal, almost 700,000 American jobs would open up. The figure was presented in a way to suggest the U.S. would be negatively impacted, but for struggling communities, it is going to be a huge economic boost.

According to a Fox News report:

“President Trump, as early as Friday, is expected to announce plans to end the Obama administration program that gave a deportation reprieve to hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants, a senior administration official told Fox News.

Trump promised to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, during the presidential campaign — but since taking office had left the door open to preserving parts of it.

According to the official, Trump is expected to announce the program’s end but will allow so-called “dreamers” currently in the program to stay in the U.S. until their work permits expire – which, for some, could be as long as two years.”

The FWD.us report says that around 30,000 jobs could open up every month if the president chooses to go ahead with this. They also state that this would have “severe consequences” for the U.S. economy: “Eliminating DACA would have immediate and severe consequences for not only the 800,000 Dreamers enrolled in the program, but for the millions of Americans who live, work, and study with these young people every single day.”

However, exactly what consequences would occur for American citizens is not made clear. The report makes it abundantly clear how DACA recipients would suffer, but not what disadvantages Americans would receive (unless you consider 30,000 jobs opening each month a disadvantage). They say:

“Ten Republican state Attorneys General and Idaho Governor Butch Otter have threatened to sue President Trump if he doesn’t end DACA by September 5 (Attorney General Ken Paxton, 2017), setting up a virtual collision course where DACA could be put on hold by a federal judge, or where the program could be repealed, with DACA renewal applications being halted immediately by the Administration. Further, recent reports have indicated that the Trump Administration is strongly considering ending DACA.”

Critics of the decision state that it would be unfair to either halt or remove the DACA program, while advocates say that DACA recipients should be treated like all other visa holders, and as such, only be allowed where there is a shortage of American workers.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders told a White House press conference that a “final decision on this has not been made … it has not been finalized, and when it is, we will let you know.”

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