Democrat Cashing In On Russian Investigation

Californian Congressional Representative, Eric Swalwell is being accused of improperly (and certainly immorally) raising funds for the Democrat party by cashing in on calls for an investigation. On his campaign for re-election website, the landing page features a (red filtered) picture of President Trump, Don Jr., and Jared Kushner with the tag: We Must Protect Our Democracy. It then calls for “concerned citizens” to sign a petition:

“Russia’s attacks on our election were an attempt to weaken our democracy and should concern every American. We must take a proactive approach in protecting our elections and establish an independent, bipartisan commission – free of members of Congress or government employees – to investigate what happened.

Add your name to our petition urging the formation of an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate Russia’s interference in our election.”

Once you have completed the information entry, the page asks directly for a donation in order to “protect our democracy, and that means asking tough questions to get the answers we deserve. If you can, chip in to our campaign to help us continue resisting against the Trump Administration.”

On the simplest level, the Democrat Party is taking donations from the public ostensibly to prosecute President Donald Trump. What makes this a particularly contentious act is that Swalwell himself is a junior member of the House Intelligence Committee.

Former panel staff director (Democrat), Michael Bahar, was critical of the Congressman’s actions, saying: “If you’re trying to fundraise in a way that whips up partisanship, that’s going to make the important work of the committee that much harder, if not impossible.” Any appeals for campaign cash from committee members could seriously undermine the trust and the validity of the investigation.

Lawrence Noble of the Campaign Legal Center criticized the fundraising effort, saying: “It undermines public faith in the investigation and makes it look more partisan,” and then called for it to stop in the interests of getting a fair investigation.

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes has also come under fire for “politicizing” the investigation. He said at a Fundraising dinner:

“The Democrats don’t want an investigation on Russia. They want an independent commission,” according to the Los Angeles Times. “Why do they want an independent commission? Because they want to continue the narrative that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are best friends, and that’s the reason that he won, because Hillary Clinton would have never lost on her own; it had to be someone else’s fault.”

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Mark A
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