Defectors Expose Horrific North Korean Regime

Kim Jong-un. Image Source: International Business Times
Kim Jong-un. Image Source: International Business Times

Defectors from North Korea have spoken out about the brutality of Kim Jong-un’s tyrannical regime.

Their statements include harrowing accounts of mass starvation, with millions of people forced to eat grass and hunt rats while their leader gorges on expensive foreign cuisine. They also describe appalling public executions and modern-day concentration camps in which political prisoners are forced to stone other inmates to death.

Hee Yeon-lim, daughter of a former senior military officer in Pyongyang, fled the capital and managed to escape to Seoul last year with her mother and younger brother.

She talked of the extraordinary cruelty of Kim Jong-un and how she lived in constant fear after he inherited power from his father in 2011.

Miss Hee said the paranoid despot lives like a Roman emperor, spending much of his time eating while the country’s citizens battle starvation. She also revealed how, in spite of his marriage to Ri Sol-ju, he regularly selects young teenage girls from various North Korean schools to serve as his personal sex slaves.

She said she knew from a young age never to question the Kim dynasty, as even the slightest act of “disloyalty” could result in imprisonment or even death.

According to Miss Hee, the Caligulan leader occasionally hosts brutal public executions at military sports stadiums. Even young children are brought from school to watch.

She said she once saw some twelve musicians publicly executed for producing an “undesirable” video. Each prisoner was strapped to the muzzle of an anti-aircraft gun which was then fired, blowing their bodies into pieces.

An illustration by a defector of life as a former concentration camp inmate. Image Source: Business Insider

An illustration by a defector of life as a former concentration camp inmate. Image Source: Business Insider

Other defectors provided horrific accounts of life in North Korea’s hard labor camps or “gulags”. They told South Korea’s Unification Media Group how prisoners live through daily torment while serving sentences for so-called “political crimes”.

Park Ju-yong, 29, grew up in Bukchang Concentration Camp north of Pyongyang. He was imprisoned there for more than 20 years after his uncle was charged with crimes against the state.

He explained how inmates were frequently stoned to death in front of family members. All prisoners were expected to participate in the event, which he said involved “thousands of stones”. Anyone who refused would suffer the same fate.

A recent U.S. State Department fact sheet detailed how guards are encouraged to beat and starve prisoners to death to reduce camp numbers. The report claims that many of the surviving inmates typically resemble “walking skeletons”, “dwarfs” or “cripples”.

Mr. Park also said that female prisoners are habitually raped by guards, and that sexual favors are usually traded for reduced workloads in the camps. He claimed that women who become pregnant are secretly executed after giving birth, and their newborn babies fed to camp guard dogs.

Defectors’ accounts from North Korean Camp Survivors. Source: Human Rights Watch

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