Deep State: Put Up or Shut Up

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Like the master vampires in the Monster Hunter series by fellow patriot Larry Correia, the Russian Election Hack story just won’t stay dead.

Jeff Sessions committed perjury. Trump’s bromance with Putin is a threat to the fabric of democracy itself. It’s bigger than Watergate, according to proven liar Dan Rather.

General Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor, quit among reports that he misrepresented phone calls he made with Russian officials. His crime: not that he had contacts with Russian officials, which is quite normal for an incoming National Security Advisor, but that he lied about the content of those contacts to Mike Pence.

These revelations came in leaks from the “deep state,” the term de jour to describe the vast layers of unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy which have grown so out of control they form another branch of government.

Flynn’s firing came not because of anything he did, but what he said about it. In fact, at this point in time, weeks after his resignation, there is no evidence anything he did was illegal.

But Flynn isn’t the end of it. Now we’re being told by a breathless CNN and New York Times that there may have been much more communication between the Trump campaign and Russian officials going back to a year before the election.

The insinuation is clear: Trump and his team were in cahoots with the Russians to throw the election to him. The hacking of Podesta’s emails and their subsequent release to Wikileaks was the method used. (Though frankly, if Trump did have a deal with the Russians to throw the election, he got robbed. The Wiki releases were a damp squib that had no demonstrable effect on the outcome of the vote.)

Their evidence for Trump/Russian collaboration is anonymous sources in the Deep State coupled with the fact that three Trump advisors, to date, have been torpedoed over their connections with Russia.

Democrats, smelling blood in the water, and never-Trump Republicans alike are calling for a full investigation.

The Washington Post, CNN and the Times are reporting this in the most dramatic fashion possible, with the intent on inflicting maximum damage on a president they clearly hate. Their stories are glorious constructions of vagueness, substituting the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of reporting for sinister insinuations, rumors and leaks from “unnamed sources.”

So let’s step back. Assume the Deep State sources are correct; Trump and his team collaborated actively with Russian intelligence to throw the election to him and evidence proving this exists. 

If that were the case, then Trump needs to be impeached and driven from office ASAP.

A president who was actively colluding with a foreign adversary to change the outcome of an election needs to be in jail, not the Oval Office. This would be exactly the sort of constitutional crisis the media has been screaming about and no one would be yelling “impeach!” louder than me.

If these accusations were correct, the stakes would be huge, history changing, a threat to democracy itself. Despite my distaste for the Times and Post, I’m forced to agree with them on that. 

But it then follows that if the stakes are this grave, someone should have stepped forward by now with the smoking gun, right? After all, it’s been months.

If people in the Deep State have Trump dead to rights on this, then what are they waiting for? Stop leaking rumor and innuendo and instead leak the tapes of the phone calls. Sure, you might be prosecuted, but no one ever said saving the republic from a Russian puppet was easy. And millions of us, myself included, will be happy to kick into a GoFundMe legal defense fund. The person who drove a Russian collaborator from the White House would be hailed as a hero.

Yet, so far, no hard evidence has emerged to document a Trump/Russia connection. No hard evidence that Flynn even committed any sort of crime. The notion that Sessions committed perjury only works if you have no actual idea what perjury is.

In fact, as of November 6, CNN was reporting that a year long FBI investigation into the Trump/Russia connection “yielded little.”

What are the possible explanations for this? If, as the Post and the Times insinuate, there is evidence out there, then why hasn’t any of it come to light?

Well, perhaps the Deep State is shy to release it because doing so will reveal sources and methods of intel gathering. Fine, except does potentially compromising a source or two outweighs saving the nation? Remember, it’s the media and the Deep State telling us how grave this is. Therefore it’s on them to honor that gravity by doing everything in their power to bring any and all evidence to light.

Think of it this way. You went out and impulse bought a really expensive rifle, say a Big Horn Armory lever gun in 500 S&W that set you back three grand. You were drunk when you bought it, and have successfully kept it hidden from your wife for the last six months so she won’t get mad.

Okay, this is a brown bear, not a grizzly. But you get the point. Image source; Huffington Post U.K.

Then a grizzly bear breaks into your house and is going to eat your children. The gun is right there, behind the couch where you stashed it, you could grab it, fill the bear full of lead and save the day.

But then the secret would be out. Your wife will know you bought the rifle.

So do you let the bear eat the kids, or do you reveal your secret, save the family, and maybe endure a little tongue lashing from your wife later? Which won’t actually happen because she’s going to be so happy and proud that you just saved your kids from becoming bear food.

This situation is no different. If the Deep State is allowing a dangerous Russian collaborator to remain in the White House because they can’t figure a way to reveal the truth about him without compromising sources, then it’s the same as letting the bear eat the children.

if compromising sources is the problem, hold a closed door hearing for members of the intelligence committees in the House and Senate. If the evidence is damning and unassailable, then these fine folk can begin impeachment proceedings immediately.

But here’s the other side of the bet. If this does turn out to be nothing but rumor and innuendo (which all evidence seems to point to at the moment,) if there’s nothing here and all these leaks are simply an attempt to sabotage the Trump administration, then there needs to be another investigation — an investigation into the leaks themselves. The Deep State operatives doing the leaking need to be exposed, fired and, if they’ve committed any crimes, prosecuted and jailed.

Because this smells political.

Which brings us to the most dastardly possibility of all. 

Perhaps the Deep State does have the goods on Trump, but rather than exposing it all at once, they’re leaking it slowly to do as much damage as possible. After all, a shocking revelation followed by an impeachment in September 2018 is going to help Democratic senate hopefuls a lot more than if it happens next week.

Pure speculation, I know, but certainly not outside of the realm of possibility given the types of people we’re dealing with here. And if that were the case, then those behind the effort would be as un-American and treasonous as a President who had openly collaborated with Putin.

So come on, Deep State, enough with the coy act, show us what you’ve got or shut the hell up.


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