The Compassion Lie

There is literally not a molecule of compassion in this photo. According to a jerk at the NYT. Image source: Newsman

There is literally not a molecule of compassion in this photo, according to some jerk at the NYT. Image source: Newsmax

Charles Blow, communist at the New York Times opined earlier this week on the “death of compassion.” Spoiler alert, he was talking about the Republicans. I know. You’re shocked.

While Blow’s column is trite and predictable in its denunciation of both Reagan and Trump, there is an interesting nugget here.

Blow accuses Republicans of lacking compassion because both Reagan and Trump rose to power by being uncompassionate – that is attacking the powerless and engaging in “dog whistle” politics.

“Dog whistle” is one of those nebulous terms which means anything Democrats decide it means to fit each case. The most common usage is to use it to find racism where none exists. Best recent example: Newt Gingrich is racist because he called Obama the “Food Stamp President” based on the actual fact that food stamp usage under Obama went up dramatically. But see, that’s racist.

In Reagan’s case is was the fictitious “welfare queen” he attacked to rile the base.  That was also racist, see, because even though more whites receive welfare than blacks. Only white supremacists criticize welfare. And while Blow attacks a specific example of welfare fraud Reagan used while on the stump, he in no way provides a shred of data that welfare fraud doesn’t exist. 
 And Reagan’s economic record stands for itself. As well as the way he helped bring about the liberation of the Soviet Bloc. Maybe ask the Poles who lived under the yoke of Soviet oppression all those decades about whether Reagan was compassionate or not.

For Trump, it is of course his xenophobia, islamophobia, homophobia and, well you know, pretty much every other phobia there is which proves his lack of compassion. Despite his repeated pleas that all he wants to do is help the little guy, help legal immigrant, and help inner city blacks find a way out of their dire situation.

What’s interesting is Blow talks about the lack of compassion in Reagan and Trump’s campaign rhetoric. Hilariously, ironically, foolishly, you pick the adverb, he then goes on to describe Trump supporters in the most deplorable terms, moving well past “dog whistle” politics and into outright personal attacks. He then explains why he not only won’t find compromise with them, he won’t even speak to them. In other words, vote for Trump you are a racist. Now that’s compassion!

But let’s pull wider. I’m curious if he’s willing to confront the party he embraces on their compassion, or lack thereof. Because the premise is this: Democrats are compassionate while Republicans are not. This, of course, is completely false. The Democrats have successfully built a myth of “looking out for the little guy” around themselves while they do the exact oppposite. Just like the way they claim to support Minorities when the history of the Democrat party is one of Jim Crow and George Wallace.

Off the top of my head, in no random order, and certain to be updated frequently, a few questions for Mr. Blow on the topic of compassion.

Was it compassionate for President Obama to promise, on multiple occasions, that people who liked their doctor and health plan would be able to keep such after passage of the ACA?

Was it compassionate for the ACA to kick every single mom and pop corporation (corporations with only 2 employees who are from the same family) off their health plans?

Whatever your views on abortion, was it compassionate for the Democratic and media establishment to utterly ignore the butchery of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell?

Is it compassionate to deny women and gays (not to mention men) the tools to defend themselves in places like New York City?

Is it compassionate to attack both Trump (who has a Jewish son in law, daughter, and grandchildren) as well as Steve “I Love Israel” Bannon as anti-semites without a shred of proof?

Where does Mr. Blow find the compassion in a black youth unemployment rate hovering around 25%?

Was it compassionate for the Democratic Party to deny that there are any major crime or social problems in the inner city? (Which they did during the campaign.)

According to Mr. Blow it is compassionate to embrace illegal immigration. So is it compassionate what happens to these people once they get to the USA? Is it compassionate to allow many of these illegals to be brutally exploited by employers, working long hours with no worker protections and in harsh conditions for meager pay? Does Mr. Blow support the exploitation of people in this fashion? Or is having access to cheap nannies and landscapers enough of a trade off for him?

Was it compassionate for the Democrats and media to insist the Iraq war was lost over and over again, demoralizing our troops, and emboldening the enemy – inspiring them to kill more of our brave men and women?

Looking back a ways, was it compassionate for the New York Times to whitewash the Stalinist purges and the millions killed  in the 1940s?

Seriously. It looks like a high-rise gulag. Maybe by design. Image source: Brian Rose

Speaking of the Times, was it compassionate of them to inflict one of the ugliest buildings in modern history on the New York City skyline?

Was it compassionate for Hillary Clinton to lie to the families of people killed in Benghazi?

Was it compassionate for Obama/Clinton to help oust Qaddafi in Libya and usher in the chaos and death which followed?

Was it compassionate for the Obama administration to help the Muslim Brotherhood rise to power in Egypt? Then abandon the El-Sisi government once they kicked the Brotherhood out?

Was it compassionate for the Obama Administration to abandon Iraq, allowing ISIS to rise in the vacuum?

Is it compassionate for the Democratic leaders of Chicago to do nothing about the ever-increasing orgy of death and violence occurring in that city?

Was it compassionate for the Democratic Party and the Media to try and convict in the sphere of public opinion  George Zimmerman, The Duke lacrosse Team, Darryl Wilson and every other cop falsely accused of gunning down unarmed black men?

Is it compassionate for the Democratic Party to engage in fiery racial rhetoric which only makes the racial divide worse, not better?

Is it compassionate for the Democratic Party to continue to support welfare policies which have destroyed the inner-city family and helped contribute to the social pathologies plaguing those communities?

Was it compassionate of the Hollywood leftist elite to screw up the envelopes and destroy the hopes and dreams of the La La Land team? Okay, just kidding, I thought that was hilarious.

But on a more serious note, is it compassionate of other Hollywood types, Paul Schrader, Judd Apatow  as examples, to actually advocate violence? (And I got bad news, boys. If you want to go toe-to-toe with working man America it’s not going to end like a Die Hard movie.)

Was it compassionate for the media to lie about the murder, rape and 10,000 dead bodies stacking up in New orleans after Hurricane Katrina, feeding into negative racial stereotypes?

Was it compassionate for the Democratic party to screw their own supporters by knee-capping Bernie in the primaries?

Is it compassionate for the Democratic Party to abandon the one democracy in the Middle East and instead send billions of dollars to the Iranian regime, even when they know (as John Kerry admitted) that some of that money will be spent on terrorism?

Was it compassionate of the Obama administration to do absolutely nothing to try and protect Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East by radical islamists?

Was it compassionate of the Obama administration to throw the Iranian democracy movement under the bus?

Is it compassionate of Democrats to put the needs of the Snail Darter over farmers?

Is it compassionate for the Democratic Party to put the NEA above students and fight against charter schools or vouchers which would allow concerned parents in poverty-stricken neighborhoods to send their children to a better school?

Is it compassionate for the Democrats to constantly resist tort reform (trial lawyers donate huge wads of cash to the Democrats) even when the result is innocent companies driven from business, higher costs of consumer products, and, in the case of medical malpractice, higher health costs for everyone?

Is it compassionate to embrace open borders when the cost of those open borders has been tens of thousands of dead Americans? Americans directly murdered, killed in driving accidents, or dying by overdose on the drugs flooding north from Mexico?

Was it compassionate for the Obama Administration to allow 2,000 firearms to be transported across the border into the hands of drug cartels? Guns which have been used to kill hundreds of Mexican civilians as well as an American border patrol agent.

Is it compassionate for the Democratic Party to spend billions of dollars on the climate change hoax? Money that could be better used elsewhere, or even returned to the tax payer?

Is it compassionate of the Democratic Party to spend America into a 20 trillion dollar hole (not counting unfunded obligations,) a sum that will burden future generations?

Is it compassionate to allow our military to atrophy so every global enemy is emboldened?

The VA. Is what happened at the VA under Obama a sign of compassion?

And, reaching back as Blow does with Reagan, was it compassionate for the Clinton Administration to assault the Branch Davidian compound at Waco and get 86 people, including more children than died at Sandy Hook, killed?

Was it compassionate for the media to ignore the multiple accusations of sexual abuse and even rape leveled against Bill Clinton?

Finally, is it compassionate to attempt to deliberately destroy the greatest nation ever founded? The most tolerant, most prosperous, most innovative and individualistic nation on Earth and replace it with statism?

Because that’s what this is all about. America. When Democrats claim the mantle of compassion, just remember, their’s is “compassion” as practiced by the Cubans, Soviets and Venezuelans. And look how well that turned out.

Feel free to add your own examples in the comments.

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