California Imam Calls For ‘Annihilation’ of Jews

A YouTube video emerged of Egyptian-born, California imam Ammar Shahin giving a lecture at the Islamic Center of Davis in northern California, in which he prayed for Allah to “annihilate” the Jews.

In the video, which was uploaded to the Davis Masjid YouTube channel, the Muslim preacher cited an anti-Semitic hadith — an oral record of the traditions and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad — and announced in both English and Arabic that the world’s Muslims will be called upon to murder all of the Jews “down to the very last one”.

Sheikh Ammar Shahin: “Judgment Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews.” Image Source: The Tower Magazine

The recording was transcribed by press watchdog and analysis group the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), and subsequently picked up by the Times of Israel.

Shahin prayed for the liberation of the al-Aksa mosque from the “filth of the Jews”, referring to the recent controversy surrounding the holy site in Jerusalem. On July 14, three Arab Israelis from Umm al-Fahm smuggled machine guns and a pistol into the Haram al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary) compound. They murdered two young male police officers before they were eventually shot themselves, in one of the most serious terror attacks to occur in Israel in recent years.

The Israeli government closed the entire Temple Mount complex for 48 hours while new security cameras and metal detectors were installed at various entrances. The response triggered a weekend of violent riots across the region, with the Palestinian President announcing the severing of ties with Israel.

Three Palestinians were killed when they attacked Israeli soldiers, and a further two died after a petrol bomb they had prepared exploded prematurely. A Palestinian terrorist stabbed and killed three Israeli men who were eating dinner in the Halamish settlement on the West Bank. In central London, Muslim protesters holding flags of the Hezbollah terror group and photos of the al-Aksa mosque burned an Israeli flag outside the embassy.

Eventually, in response to the demonstrations and attacks, the office of the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the metal detectors would be removed from the holy site.

In his sermon, Sheikh Shahin claimed that the al-Aksa mosque belongs to Muslims alone, and prayed that Allah destroy the Jews. He also called upon his followers to “liberate” Haram al-Sharif through “words and deeds”, and ominously noted that the hadith did not specify where the final battle against the Jews would take place.

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Ammar Shahin moved to the US in 1999 after completing his B.A. in Islamic Studies, in order to pursue a degree in computer engineering. He is currently registered as an Islamic instructor at the Zidni Institute and a Ph.D. candidate at the Islamic University of Minnesota. He has taught Sunni Islam in several mosques across the United States.

The anti-Semitic video follows a similarly controversial incident earlier this month when prominent Palestinian-American activist and organizer of January’s “Women’s March on Washington”, Linda Sarsour, called for “jihad” against the Trump administration while giving a speech to the Annual Islamic Society of North America. Sarsour has previously supported boycotts of Israel and claimed that Zionism and feminism are incompatible.

Sheikh Shahin’s full sermon in Davis, California:

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