An Autopsy of the Roy Moore Scandal

Judge Roy Moore. Image Source: Facebook: Pixabay
Judge Roy Moore. Image Source: Facebook: Pixabay

The Republican candidate for the Alabama Senatorial election, Judge Roy Moore, has taken the media by storm and is appearing on the front pages of most major news outlets nationwide. Moore is accused of sexual misconduct and harassment, and even engaging sexually with a minor. He is presently the clear favorite to win the election, yet doubts are being cast about his suitability to run in light of revelations.

But what are these revelations? Are they credible? Are mere allegations that are more than 30-years-old and unlikely to ever be proven cause for destroying a man’s career and reputation?

The very latest to come out is an allegation from a Beverly Young Nelson, who claims Moore sexually assaulted her in the late 70s when she was just 16-years-old. The full press conference that was called to announce this was headed up by DNC “scandalmonger,” Gloria Allred, who handles political hit jobs and is a proud member of the anti-Trump “Resistance.”

Moore has denied all of these allegations and states that he doesn’t even know the lady in question. What is to be believed, and more importantly, what is to be done?

To weigh and measure the evidence, it is first important to understand that political hit jobs do take place. They are, in fact, commonplace. The Clinton campaign and the DNC both paid for the GPS Fusion dossier to discredit then-candidate Trump. Donald Trump Jr. met with (in a likely sting operation) a Russian lawyer in an attempt to “get the dirt” on Hillary Clinton. So we know these things happen and happen often.

Just yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell lamented that he may have to replace Judge Moore with another candidate. This would need to be through a “Write-In” campaign, since Judge Moore is already listed on printed ballots this late in the game. He has hinted at Luther Strange, the very candidate he spent an alleged $30 million trying to make the primary winner against Moore in the first place.

It seems, however, that the people of Alabama are not quite buying the narrative. In recent polls, Moore’s popularity has remained high, with many respondents disbelieving the allegations altogether.

It raises an important question regarding Steve Bannon’s campaign to get MAGA candidates in position for 2018. Both the DNC and the “establishment” GOP could suffer losses to pro-MAGA candidates. Essentially to those who voted for President Trump because of his messaging rather than because of loyalty to the Republican Party. By taking out the first openly “Trumpian” candidate, what damage would be done to the movement? Suspicions remain high that there is cooperation between both leading parties to minimize the impact of “outsider” politicians.

In the end, it will be up to the Alabama voters. Whether these allegations are true or not will not likely be proven one way or the other. Either way, this “October Surpise” style attack on Judge Roy Moore has effectively tarnished his reputation and national image. The question remains, will Alabama voters buy into it or send the message that such dirty politics will not sway their vote?

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