UNCONFIRMED: Syrian Military FIRES ON US Aircraft w/ Missiles – BREAKING

By Brandon Turbeville via activistpost.com

Only two days after the United States took action against the Syrian Government, the situation in Syria is heating up yet again.

Reports coming from Lebanon-based news outlet, al-Masdar News, are suggesting that the Syrian military and the U.S. military have yet again been involved in a direct clash in Syria.

A military source confirmed to al-Masdar on April, 8, that a Syrian Special Forces unit targeted a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft that was flying over northeast Syria.

The plane was allegedly hovering over Syrian military positions, specifically the Syrian Army’s Regiment 54 Base in Qamilishi.

The Syrian military personnel opened fire on the plane and the aircraft allegedly fled the area after it “came into contact with the Syrian Arab Army” stated the source.

It is unclear what kind of weaponry was used to fire at the plane or whether the plane sustained any damage.

This incident now marks the second time since Thursday night the United States and Syrian forces have clashed.

Because the Russians have canceled the “non-aggression pact” with the United States as the result of American aggression in al-Sha’aryat Thursday night, U.S. planes are now potential targets for the Syrian military.

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  1. It was a kid with a slingshot… in a hang glider!

  2. It would really be best to wipe out entire Syrian Military ground forces and Air Force one fell swoop “NOW” before Russians take a FIRM Position and sent more RUSSIAN Troops into Syria!
    No Military No Air Force No one to sent Russian advisors to!

  3. Looks like could be recalled to active duty either in middle east or south korea. So better get ready. And Russia wants to play and show their supposedly military presents well sooner or later the two biggest boys on the block are gonna fight, so fucked, let’s do it and get it on. Let’s get ready to Rumble sportsfan,

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