Suit Filed to Remove Mueller from Investigation


A conservative watchdog group, FreedomWatch, headed by lawyer Larry Klayman, has filed a suit to remove Special Counsel Robert Mueller from his position at the head of the investigation into possible collusion between the President Trump’s campaign team and the Russian government.

The group has filed a complaint against AG Jeff Sessions, Christopher Ray (FBI head), Robin Ashton and Michael Horowitz in the hope that the Justice Department will investigate the apparent conflicts of interest and the leaks from the Special Counsel. The crux of the case rests on the principle that “it is a criminal offense to leak grand jury information.”

Klayman is incensed at what he sees as a gross abuse of the judicial system being played out by a cast of complicit characters. He believes that Mueller is working as part of a cartel with one purpose in mind; not to find the truth, but to remove the President at all costs. He made his feelings very clear:

“Robert Mueller is not a ‘man of integrity’ as the Washington, D.C., Democrat and Republican political establishment like to spin,” Klayman said in a statement. “He is just another pol who is representing his establishment benefactors in both political parties who want to see the presidency of Donald Trump destroyed.”

It would appear that the “Case of the President vs. Collusion” is being played out in the public court of the media; leaks regarding the investigation have been passed over to news agencies to run with, which is a crime. The suit suggests that these leaks were actively made for a political purpose.

The complaint has its basis in the fact that Mueller is tied very closely to former FBI Director James Comey, and that as Comey was apparently investigating the “Russian collusion” case when he was removed, Mueller likely has a vested interest in vindicating his “best friend.”

“He must be held accountable to the law and should not be able to do as he pleases to further his and his friends, like former FBI Director James Comey’s political agenda,” Klayman said. “We are hopeful that the court will order Justice to do its job and conduct an expeditious and impartial investigation and then order Mueller to step down as special counsel. There are others, perhaps who practice outside of the Washington, D.C., swamp, who could step in and do an honest and conflict-free investigation of so-called Russian collusion.”

This has not been well-covered by the mainstream media in the same way that other information has been. Many on Social Media are suggesting that questions being asked about the process will lead to a resolution in the investigation. Either Presiden Trump’s campaign team is guilty or innocent; investigations should always be impartial and dedicated to one end: the exposition of the truth regardless of political purpose.

Questions have also been raised regarding Mueller’s, Comey’s and Deputy Attorney General, Rod J. Rosenstein’s connections to the Uranium One scandal.

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Mark A
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  1. “the exposition of the truth regardless of political purpose” Since when has that been on the agenda in DC?

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