Free College: An Evil Plan to Rule the World

Your potential tax dollars at work. Image source: University Primetime

You can be VEEP. Maybe. Image source: The Inquisitr

Not content with having ruined healthcare and housing with market distorting government intervention, liberals have now set their sights on higher education. “Free” college was a rallying cry of the Bernie Sanders crowd all during the 2016 primaries and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has taken up the fight. He and the gaggle of leftists who run New York state have decided to make “free” college a reality.

While a close look at the law reveals that it’s such a disaster that even a columnist at the New York Times recognizes it,  there are much bigger issues at work here than the nuts and bolts of a terribly designed law.

Start at the beginning. 
Free college isn’t free. Nothing is free. This is a basic truth of the world the left never seems to learn. A basic truth that all the good vibes and wishing won’t make ago away. There is no free. The only way we could have free college is if every single person who worked in higher education, from professors, assistant professors, secretaries and librarians to the contractors who build the dorms to the janitors who clean up the Saturday morning post-party puke, to the companies who make desks, chairs, lightbulbs bricks and paint to all work for nothing.

Which is never going to happen. Ever.

What Cuomo, Sanders and the left mean by “free” is “paid for by someone else.” So “free” college becomes “college paid for by someone else.” Not quite the campaign slogan, that.

Besides not being actually free, “free” college is wasteful. Drive on on I-87 between Route 100 and the George Washington Bridge. The road is a nightmarish hellscape of potholes and debris.

Travel the state and you’ll find many of New York’s roads in similarly awful condition. 

Where does a state which runs a multi-billion dollar deficit every year and can’t even handle job one, which is keeping the roads and bridges in some sort of decent repair, get the cash for free college?

By jacking up taxes and employing every fiscal trick in the book to keep papering over their horrendous budget gaps. In other words, continuing to destroy whatever last scraps of fiscal solvency the state possesses.

Free college is also a cynical ploy by Governor Cuomo to boost his 2020 Presidential hopes.

It’s no secret that the man who was one of the principal architects of the housing crash of 2008 (a fact the media just can’t seem to remember) wants to occupy the Oval Office. Free college is his shot across the bow of other potential 2020 candidates and a way of establishing his liberal bonafides.

If you look at the law itself you’ll see it doesn’t really do that much to actually help poor people go to college. It does help the politicians who want to shout from the rooftops that they made higher education more attainable for the poor and beneficiary numero uno is Andrew Cuomo who seems to care more about his own political fortunes than he does the citizens of his over-taxed, debt-burdened state.

Free college is elitist. And this is the one which really sticks in the craw. Since when did society decide it valued Gender Studies and Art History majors over plumbers and carpenters? Because that’s what Cuomo and company seem to be saying here. According to them, college is such a nobel pursuit that those who pursue a four year degree are worthy of the state’s money to help pay their bills.

That kid who wants to become a plumber and may need help paying for trade school? Tough luck pal, learn how to sweat pipe on your own dime.

Your potential tax dollars at work. Image source: University Primetime

What about the college students who go to school mainly as a subsidized four year party? Is there a ranking for the “Top 100 Party Trade Schools?” No, there isn’t. But there is for colleges. Do we really want to subsidize drugs, drinking and casual sex with our tax dollars? We do enough of that by paying the salaries of our representatives.

This is frankly as disgusting as it is infuriating. “Free” college assigns a higher societal value to those who go to college over those who don’t. It is the very definition of elitism.

And it’s also crap. 

The argument that college students earn more (and thus will kick back more into the tax base as they into there world) than their trade school peers is a myth once you break it all down.

Tradesmen do just as well if not better than their college educated peers over the course of 30 years and, frankly offer services that might just be a bit more important than what a college grad has to offer. After all, when your pipes are leaking you don’t call an English Lit major. You call a plumber. And you probably pay him or her a pretty hefty hourly rate. And better yet, his or her education didn’t cost you a cent in tax money.

So who’s providing the greater societal benefit? The men and women building and repairing the highways we drive on, or the Film Major working at a coffee shop in Bushwick while he writes his indie feature script in his spare time?

But most nefarious of all, “free” college is an evil plan to rule the world.

What’s the big news from academia these days? It’s the increasing intellectual groupthink and intolerance on campus. The bills racked up during the “everyone is special” self-esteem movement of the 1990s have come due, and the payback is disastrous as “safe spaces” and actual violence against people who offer an opposing political view have become commonplace.

College isn’t just about higher education anymore, colleges have become leftists indoctrination mills. And the indoctrination doesn’t just take the form of argument and selective reading lists (as it did in earlier days.) It now takes the form of intimidation and physical harassment. Not only will you face a stiff argument from your leftists professor if you support conservative positions, you may be ostracized, kicked out of class, given a lower grade, or even beaten bloody.

And this may be the real reason for the free college movement. It’s clearly established that there are no overall benefits to making college available to more people, especially when that comes with a huge taxpayer burden, so if the goal isn’t to give disadvantaged people a leg up in life, than what is it?

Is it to funnel as many young people as possible into these indoctrination camps where any vestiges of independent or conservative thought can be beaten out of them?

The number of college students and grads who support socialism bears this theory out. Anyone who has seriously studies economics and history knows that socialism, even Bernie Sanders’ socialism light,  is doomed to failure. 

Yet they embrace it anyway. Because they’ve been trained to. At college.

And now, if the Cuomos of the world have their way, the leftist indoctrination which will aid in the ultimate destruction of this great Constitutional Republic will be paid for with our tax money.




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Matthew Howe

College liberal turned conservative once he started paying taxes, Matthew has been active in the gun-rights and conservative movement for years. The author of the thriller Waypoint, (available on Amazon) he’s proud to live in the one county in downstate New York which went for Trump by 17 points.

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Matthew Howe
Matthew Howe
College liberal turned conservative once he started paying taxes, Matthew has been active in the gun-rights and conservative movement for years. The author of the thriller Waypoint, (available on Amazon) he's proud to live in the one county in downstate New York which went for Trump by 17 points.

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  1. Spot on, as usual. Depressing, really. That it’s come down to this. What I’ve heard from the liberal media this week cements my opinion that the far left wingnuts will stop at nothing to squash anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

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