Clemson Professor: GOP, Trump & Supporters Are ‘Racist Scum’

Image Source: Computing Community Consortium
Image Source: Computing Community Consortium

Assistant Computing Professor Bart Knijnenburg of Clemson University published a series of Facebook posts last week describing “all Trump supporters, nay, all Republicans” as “racist scum”. He wrote, “I admire anyone who stands up against white supremacy. Violent or non-violent,” and added “#PunchNazis” to his post. Mr. Knijnenburg professes to be an expert in online decision-making.

The social media hashtag refers to a radical left-wing effort to legitimize labeling people Nazis and then punching them in the face. Last week, counterprotesters attacked one of their own at the Boston Free Speech rally for “looking like a neo-Nazi”.

This Guy Was Punched in the Face When Mistaken for a Neo-Nazi

Rush to judgement.This anti-white nationalist protester was punched in the face after being mistaken for a neo-Nazi in Boston:

Posted by Fusion on Monday, August 21, 2017


Mr. Knijnenburg also wrote, “It’s not time to ‘reunite’, ‘start a dialog’, or ‘find peace’. It is time to eradicate racism by any means necessary.”

He appears to be referring to the ‘Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary’ (BAMN), which is a radical left-wing group of militants that organizes violent protests in the name of racial equality.

Mr. Knijnenburg also claimed that all Republicans are responsible for far-right violence, demanding that they “admit you’re a racist”. He compared President Donald Trump, former White House strategist and executive chairman of Breitbart News, and all Trump supporters to the “alt-Right”, “Nazis” and the “KKK”.

One of Professor Knijnenburg's racist scum tweets. Image Source: Campus Reform

One of Professor Knijnenburg’s racist scum tweets. Image Source: Campus Reform

As well as calling for political violence “against white supremacy”, he also shared a Winnie the Pooh meme in which Piglet declares that this is the day “we burn this motherf****r to the ground”.

Clemson University is a tax-payer-funded college in South Carolina, which has been criticized along with several other higher education institutions for the radical far-left leanings of its faculty.

Following a huge backlash to his online rant, the assistant professor hid the statements from his Facebook public timeline.

Recently, calls for violence toward conservatives in the US have surged, as part of a professed crusade to end racism and bigotry. Several American historical monuments were torn down and set on fire by left-wing cultural revolutionaries over the past few weeks. Assistant professor Knijnenburg encouraged his supporters to bring down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

In June, Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot by a far-left activist while taking part in a charity baseball game in Louisiana.

On Sunday in Berkeley, far left Antifa militants smashed through police barricades and attacked peaceful conservative protesters and journalists with sticks at the “Patriot Prayer” and “No to Marxism in America” rallies, which had to be canceled due to the threat of violence. Last week, CNN was heavily criticized for claiming that the Antifa activists were seeking “peace through violence”.

Tucker J.

Tucker is a foreign correspondent and media analyst for Not Liberal.

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Tucker J.
Tucker J.
Tucker is a foreign correspondent and media analyst for Not Liberal.

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